How to install a new tower crane

Installation of a tower crane

Modern tower cranes are different. Some are designed for the construction of low objects, with the help of others you can build tall skyscrapers. Regardless of the purpose, such lifting devices have a similar structure. So that the crane can effectively lift the load to a height, it is assembled from several sections. In the process of work, it is often necessary to increase the height of the structure. For this installation of additional sections.
But it all starts with the installation of the base of the entire system. Installation of the crane is preceded by preparatory work. The crane is usually installed on a specially prepared site, which pave the track. The rails are laid on a tightly rammed mound, which consists of sand and gravel. The horizontal track is carefully checked at each stage of work.The more accurately the rails are laid on the embankment, the safer will be the operation of the tower crane.
When the base for the construction is ready, the crane itself is brought to the construction site already assembled. A car platform is installed near the rail track, and then with the help of a powerful car crane, trolleys are mounted on rails After this, the mechanism of the future tower crane begins to assemble itself, although not without the help of installers.
In the course are winches, equipped with strong cables. Skillfully manipulating these lifting mechanisms, workers carefully lift the structure from the platform and transfer it to a vertical position. Then the crane is strengthened and fixed, power cables are connected to it, without which operation of the device is impossible. If the business is done by a friendly and well-coordinated team of professionals, it is possible to master the installation of the crane during part of the working day.

How to put on the crane new sections

If the site does not need a standard, but a higher crane, the work is constructed somewhat differently. First, install a concrete slab, which becomes a reliable foundation. The first section of the crane is tightly mounted in the slab.Another sectional element, called the mounting frame or "telescope", raise the crane.This second section is somewhat larger than the first and subsequent ones. The boom and the operator’s cabin are attached to it.
Now it is possible to consistently build up the entire structure in height. Driving the machine, the operator himself collects his future crane. The workers put the next construction inside the second, auxiliary section. After that, each new section is raised to the desired height with winches and secured. This continues until the height of the tower crane reaches a predetermined value. If in the future the crane will need to grow a little more, the whole process is repeated.

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