How to install Joomla template?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
December 14, 2012
How to install Joomla template?

Now more and more people prefer to use cms Joomla to create their website or the whole multi-functional portal. And this is not in vain, because this system allows the user, and in our case, the administrator, to quickly set up the environment and set up the components he needs. This content management system (this is how cms from English is interpreted) allows you to install third-party plug-ins that significantly enhance functionality, install third-party templates and has many more useful features. Today we will talk about how to install templates on joomla 2.5 or 1.5.

How to install the joomla template: instructions

Installing a template is a simple enough action that anyone can handle. In my opinion, it is more difficult to find a suitable design (template) that you would like to use on your website. There are many sites that provide paid access to the so-called "elite" templates, but you can find something interesting from free.

And so, on points, how to install the joomla template 1.5 and later versions:

  1. Actually, find the template itself that you would like to see on the main page of your site.
  2. Make sure it works with your version of Joomla. Usually this is indicated in the descriptions to the design. This is a very important point !!!
  3. Now we find the “Extensions” item in the admin panel and clicking on it select “Install / Uninstall”.
  4. Find the field to add files. Click "Browse" and select the archive with the template that you downloaded.
  5. In case of successful installation, the system will congratulate you on this event.

We have installed the template, but now we need to select it as the main one to display on your main page (and on the whole site as a whole, naturally).

  • Go to the "Extension", then select there "Template Manager".
  • We find among all the presented one that has just been installed.
  • Select it by checkpoint and click the “Default” button.

All! Now, in front of the name of the design should be an icon and the design of your Internet project should acquire a different design. If the design does not appear - try clearing the cache in the settings and look at the result!

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