How to invigorate the body

You will need
  • - aroma oils;
  • - vitamins.
In the morning, take a contrast shower. Perhaps you will not immediately feel the effect after it, but gradually you will be able not only to invigorate your body, but to refresh and cleanse the skin, improve its tone and blood circulation. In addition, the contrast shower helps to strengthen the immune system.
Regardless of where you have breakfast or lunch, try to eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Include in your diet citrus fruits: lemon, orange. They will restore the necessary vitamin balance, give strength and vitality.
Avoid taking large amounts of baked goods. Replace them with cereals of barley, oats, buckwheat. For breakfast, eat foods with the right balance of protein and carbohydrates, but with reduced fat. Protein foods give a feeling of satiety, and carbohydrate foods provide energy, which is so necessary with constant fatigue.
Drink vitamins.B vitamins and ascorbic acid contribute to the development of the necessary hormones to combat fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy.
During the working day, try to take 10-15 minute breaks, during which take short walks or, while at the workplace, do simple exercises: squats, bends.
More often be in the fresh air, if you spend the weekend in the countryside, devote time to active rest. Play sports. Sign up in a fitness club in the pool. Intense training will give you a lot of strength and strengthen your muscular system.
In the evenings, arrange yourself an aromatherapy session. Take a bath with the addition of oil concentrates from various herbs. Aromatherapy sessions first help relaxation and the subsequent increase in tone, help in the fight against stress and fatigue, as well as restore and nourish the body.

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