How to find out the balance?

Sometimes it is necessary to urgently obtain information on the availability of funds on a bank card, telephone number, or savings book, but you do not know or have forgotten how to find out the balance. This article describes several ways to obtain information about the balance.

Bank Card Balance

You can obtain the necessary information about the balance of a card of any bank in the following ways:

  1. Internet banking. Perhaps one of the most convenient ways to find out the balance on the card. It is enough to open a bank site on your computer, log in to the system using your login and password, and the necessary information will be displayed on the monitor.
  2. Using an ATM. Entering the PIN code, select the option "Information about the balance" in the menu, after which it can be displayed on the screen or printed on the check.
  3. SMS informing. With the help of this service, which you can connect if you wish, you can receive information about changing the card balance directly to your mobile phone via SMS messages. However, banks charge a fee for such a newsletter.
  4. Using the phone.You can call the phone number that is usually listed on a bank card. For information, you will need to call the card number and the word code that you indicated when making out the card, after which you will receive all the data you are interested in.

Passbook balance

To find out the balance of the passbook you need:

In any office of Sberbank show your passport and passbook, and request information about the balance. After establishing your identity and conducting a series of operations, you will be provided with the necessary data. You can also connect to the Mobile Bank service, and the balance information will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. If you have internet access, you can find out the balance by going to the bank’s website and go through identification by entering your username and password. You can also call the toll-free number, and follow the instructions for the answering machine to obtain balance data.

Phone balance

To find out the balance of the phone you need to know a certain combination of numbers, and each operator is different. Below are a few ways to get the right information for the most popular mobile operators.


To find out the balance status of the subscriber Beeline

  • Dial * 102 # on your phone, and after a few, a message with the necessary data will appear on the screen.
  • You can call the toll free number 0697
  • Use the service Beeinfo, and learn about the balance with it.


To obtain information about the balance of the subscriber MTS

  • Dial the command * 100 # and all data will appear on the screen
  • Call 0897
  • You can also find out the balance via the Internet on the official website of MTS.


If you are a MegaFon subscriber, do the following to find out the balance:

  • Dial * 100 # and press the send call key.
  • Call 0501
  • Go to the official website and get the balance data there.

Internet balance

Equally relevant is checking the balance of the Internet. To do this, go to the provider's website, which is usually specified in the contract, and identify yourself in your personal account using your personal login and password. How to know the balance of the Internet? It will be possible immediately in the opened window, or by going to the tabs like "My balance".

If your provider is not able to monitor the balance through your personal account, use the phone. The required number can be found again, either in the contract or on the provider's website.Calling there, you should inform the operator your username, or use the voice menu.

A number of Internet providers provide the service of informing the client in advance about the need to replenish the account for Internet services. If you want to use such a service, you should make a note about it in the contract during its execution, or connect it in the "Personal Account".

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