How to know your intelligence

Make sure that the concept of "intelligence quotient" is defined correctly: the quantitative expression of the level of intelligence, i.e. Comparison of selected indicators of the level of intelligence is made in relation to the average indicators of the same age group.
Do not be afraid of the proposed tests - all existing methods are designed to determine the abilities of thinking, and not the level of awareness or erudition. (The concept of "intelligence factor" is based on the so-called factor of general intelligence.)
Pay attention to the fact that, although the concept of "IQ" was introduced by V. Stern in 1912 and is used to the present day, the correctness of existing methods is still being questioned by many serious researchers.
Remember that the impact on test results have:
- heredity;
- environment (breastfeeding increases its coefficient by 7 points);
- health (iodine deficiency reduces the performance by 12 points);
- age.
Use the �Intellectual lability� method, which allows you to predict the level of learnability of the person under test, or perform the �Brief indicative test� developed by V. Buzin and E. Vanderlinkom to measure intellectual abilities.
Take the TEI-2010.A (Test of effective intelligence), designed to determine the ability to practical solution of intellectual problems, or use the most popular test Eysenk to measure intelligence quotient (IQ).

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