How to lay a wig

You will need
  • curlers
  • hair spray,
  • air conditioning,
  • reticulum,
  • towel,
  • shampoo
Wash thoroughly before wigging. Dissolve a little shampoo in a liter of water and put a pad of hair in the resulting solution for 10 minutes. Then rinse with care and put in a terry towel. Carefully press out without twisting. Dry the wig by placing it on a dry cloth. Do not use heaters, do not let the rays of the sun.
Gently shake the wig and comb it. Put it on the head-shape, so it will be more convenient to work. Spray with cold water using a spray bottle. If you do not want to wet the wig, use a styling conditioner. Spray a small amount of conditioner, holding the can at a distance of twenty to thirty centimeters from the hair. Begin to lay strands, going from the tips to the middle. Do not pour too much conditioner on the wig, otherwise it will quickly become dirty.
If your pad with straight hair, just gently comb it and put the hair comb. If the hair is curly, then give the desired shape with your fingers. Comb in this case is not needed. To create a new style, use curlers. Before this, moisten the wig with a styling agent and comb it. Wind the hair on the curlers perpendicular to the axis of rotation, starting from the front. After the hairstyle is framed, put on a wig and gently dry the hair dryer.
Remove the hair curlers, be sure to check if the monture is visible. After that, carefully comb the wig and spray it with hair spray. Laying ready.

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