How to lay porcelain tiles in 2018

You will need
  • primer;
  • roller;
  • the right amount of granite;
  • crosses for tiles;
  • Bulgarian or tile cutter;
  • special glue;
  • notched trowel for applying glue;
  • nozzle-mixer on the drill for mixing glue (optional);
  • construction bucket (or other packaging);
  • grouting;
  • rubber trowel for grouting;
  • latex gloves.
Any tile work begins with surface preparation. The floor must be dry and clean; all dust and debris must be removed. Then it is necessary to put a primer on it, which will ensure adhesion (adhesion) of the adhesive to the surface. This is best done with a roller - it allows you to quickly cover the floor with a thin even layer. Then you must wait until the primer is completely dry.
Dissolve tile adhesive with water in a construction bucket (or other suitable container). You can stir it with gloved hands or a drill with a mixer attachment. If you have a large amount of work, it is better to get this useful thing, because it is very difficult to knead the solution with your hands.
Put a few pieces of glue on the floor with a spatula, then level it.The surface will be wavy due to the teeth on the edge of the tool. Next, apply a thin layer of the mixture on the inside of the tile itself and gently place it on the desired part of the floor.
First, place the next tiles on the edge close to the already laid ones, then carefully lower the whole area onto the mortar and move it slightly to form the grooves not filled with glue. Insert cross-crosses into the gaps, then they will be perfectly level. Try not to allow voids and air “bubbles” in the solution, otherwise in this place the ceramic granite may crack during operation.
Another difficulty in laying tiles - you definitely have to cut it, because the likelihood that your porcelain tile is perfect for the size of the room tends to zero. It is possible to cut a tile the Bulgarian or a tile cutter. The second option is preferable, since the Bulgarian gives an uneven cut.
Final Stacking Stageporcelain stoneware- grouting. It can be started only after the complete drying of the laid tile - in a day. To begin, dilute the trowel with water, then use a special rubber trowel to lay the mixture in the joints, removing the excess with the same trowel.Work carefully, as the grout provides a waterproofing and aesthetic appearance of the tile surface.

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