How to learn to dance lezginka?

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How to learn to dance lezginka?

Caucasian folk dance called "Lezginka" is quite popular in our time. Sometimes it is not possible to attend a dance studio or a professional choreographer due to lack of time or finances. But there are several ways to learn the dance yourself. How to learn to dance lezginka - you will learn from our article.

the Internet

This method is absolutely free: in the Internet you can find a lot of video lessons, as well as training manuals.


If you do not have time to search for the right lessons, then you can buy a training disc in a specialized store. The price of such discs is low, and the program is very effective: the course is made up of stretching classes, basic dance elements and repetition of important elements.

Tips for beginners

  1. First, determine what results and in what time frame you want to achieve. Determine what days you will study and how much time you will be able to devote to your studies.
  2. Clothing for training should be as free and comfortable as possible.
  3. Before training, do the usual exercises for stretching, coordination and warming up the muscles.
  4. Eat light foods, such as fruits or dried fruits, before class.
  5. If you have long hair - collect them in a bun.
  6. Keep a small bottle of clean, non-carbonated water on hand.
  7. Be a little actor. Lezginka is a dance of passion, therefore during a dance it is necessary to radiate energy and strength. When watching a training video or listening to Caucasian music - catch the right mood.
  8. When choosing a lesson, keep in mind that training for women and men differ.
  9. Start with the basics.
  10. View the movement from the beginning to the end, and repeat it, not entirely, but in elements.
  11. Each kick on the floor during the dance falls in time with the music.
  12. Pay attention to your hands while dancing: proper hand movements help keep your balance.
  13. If the movements of men are clear and fast, then movements during lezginka in women are smooth and gentle. Looking must coquettishly rush into the floor.
  14. First you need to pick up slow music for classes, over time, increasing the pace.
  15. Pay a lot of attention to practice and do not be afraid to be funny.

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Dance features

In order to train the fiery dance quickly and clearly, learn the characteristics of lezginka:

  • It is customary to perform the dance in beautiful national costumes: for men, it is a uniform caftan with an open chest and pants, which are attached with a wide belt, and women wear a dress and a national headdress during a performance;
  • A real lezginka is performed with a musical ensemble and live music;
  • Ideally, the lezginka is performed by a couple - a young man and a girl. The girl personifies the image of a gentle swan, and the guy - a formidable eagle;
  • As we noted above, the movement of the girl is smooth, while the man combines fast movements with slow ones;
  • With the help of dance, men demonstrate their strength, dexterity and courage, and girls show grace and beauty. Lezginka is considered a dance for the soul and body.

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