How to learn to take pictures?

Many owners of SLR cameras, and not only them, dream of learning how to photograph beautifully and professionally. This is a fairly time-consuming process based on continuous learning and practice. From the very beginning it is necessary to pay attention to the little things and not lose sight of anything. Let's try to figure out how to learn to photograph.

Learning to take pictures

If you already want to do photography, then this is already something. Desire is one of the main components of success. However, in order to learn how to photograph correctly, something else is needed.


The first step is to examine your camera. For this is quite suitable instruction to him. Learn the purpose of all the buttons, levers and functions of your camera. Do not forget about shutter speed, aperture and ISO (light sensitivity).

Art "Photography"

After studying your camera, you can begin to explore the basics of photography. You need to explore the following aspects:

  • the basics of the composition;
  • theory of light and shadows;
  • the rule of the “golden section” (in this case, the frame should be visually divided into three equal parts vertically and horizontally, and important points should be placed at the intersection of the lines).

In addition, in order to learn how to take artistic photographs, it is necessary to pay attention and explore related areas, such as painting, literature, art, psychology of perception, and psychology of human behavior.

Works of photo artists

If you do not have a personal style of photographing, you can start by copying the work of outstanding photographers. But you shouldn’t just copy the pictures, you need to delve into the history of their creation: in what conditions they were created, what the photographer tried to highlight, and to which he paid more attention.


Much attention during training in photo art is given to practice. You need to take as many pictures as possible using various functions and devices. Only in this way can you develop your own style and learn how to photograph professionally and efficiently.

Do not forget about the analysis of images. Study your pictures and analyze what you have done well and what is bad and what can be done to correct the picture.

Observations and ideas

No matter where you are, you should always have a piece of paper and a pen at hand to capture an interesting idea or composition, since our life consists of unique plots.

Participation in photo exhibitions

In order to practice their skills, you need to criticize other people, preferably those who are not familiar with you. And you can get such criticism at photo exhibitions and various competitions.

You can also put your pictures on Internet sites, which is less expensive than participation in photo exhibitions, which are located in galleries and museums.

Every chance should be used to gain the necessary experience and knowledge.

Personal emotions

If you want to get beautiful and soulful photographs, then you need to put your emotions, soul and personal experience into the pictures. Also, do not forget to experiment, because just trying something new, you can get a good shot. And you should not get involved in only one direction, for example, shooting landscapes or portraits, you need to try everything.

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