How to look beautiful in the photo

Standing in front of the mirror, find several angles from which you like yourself. Turn around and crouch, bend your eyebrows and wrinkle the nose, and in the end you will find a couple of positions in which you look most impressive. If the mirror is large, you can experiment with poses. Sit on the floor, arms wrapped around your legs, or stand in a seductive pose, putting one shoulder forward, cross your legs and lean slightly. So you understand what you need to do to go well in the pictures.
If you have beautiful hands, show them in front of the camera - this will give the image an expression. Support your chin on your fingers, take in your hand any object - a mouthpiece, a clutch, a mobile phone. If the shape of your hands or the thickness of your fingers does not suit you, you can make a fist in the photo or put your fingers together in a pinch.
During filming do not slouch. If you notice that the lens is aimed at you, immediately straighten your back and pull in your stomach, but at the same time make sure that your face does not become tense. You can also try lifting your shoulders slightly forward and up.In the photo, your figure will appear more fragile and graceful.
The way you get in the photo depends on the light at which the shooting takes place. Good shots come out in the morning and evening when the sun is soft and smooths sharp corners, making your appearance feminine and elegant. If you are taking pictures in an apartment with artificial light, try to keep the light source above and to the left above you.
Perfectly look at the photo people, radiating sincere emotions. Imagine that a photographer is your favorite person, whose appearance you are very excited about.

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