How to lose weight by 10 kg?

A huge number of people every day are wondering: how to lose weight by 10 kg in the shortest possible time without strict restrictions? Moreover, this topic is of interest not only for girls who want an excellent figure and the absence of excess subcutaneous fat, but also men who suffer from excess weight or who want to “dry” so that each muscle on the body is more beautiful and prominent.

Many people, thinking about losing weight, immediately remember about brutal diets and that they will have to starve for a while or not have their favorite foods. These thoughts immediately discourage all motivation and, as a result, there can be no question of losing weight. In fact, everything is much simpler and you do not need to limit yourself in anything, the main thing is to understand how the human body works, and what kind of food is the most important and useful. I must say, you should not be afraid of all the fictional tales that one cookie or a piece of chocolate will contribute to the accumulation of fat. This is completely wrong, and now I will try to explain it.

Calories and Nutrition

Let's start with the fact that in every food there is a certain number of calories.Calories are our energy. If it (energy) accumulates too much, then our body stores it in fat, thereby creating its own strategic reserve. You will be surprised, but even the thinnest person from your environment will surely be able to live without food for a couple of days, while his subcutaneous fat will gradually decrease. So the body uses its reserves in the event of a stressful situation. You probably already realized that a large amount of fat is in no way something useful and even a small amount of it is capable of pumping the body with energy. In order for calories not to become folds on your stomach, you need to eat a certain amount. Do not be afraid of these words. If you work in an office, that is, spend the whole day in a sitting position, then you need to consume no more than 2300 calories per day. For example, 100 grams of boiled macaroni will be 300 kcal. Most of these servings will be enough for breakfast. If you play sports or just lead an active lifestyle, then you are lucky. The process of losing weight for you will be much easier and faster, because the food that was eaten will be immediately burned by your body, which will need energy.

So how can you lose weight in a month? 10 kg is easy to dump! You need to eat about 500 calories less per day than usual. I assure you that this is not so difficult. Try replacing your breakfast with, for example, a fruit salad of bananas, strawberries and nuts. If such a solution is too expensive, or if you don’t sell anything from this in your city, then try to exclude any one product from each meal. For example, at dinner you usually eat macaroni with cheese, salad, and wash it all down with tea. For starters, try cooking pasta without cheese. Despite the fact that cheese seems to be added in small quantities, you will definitely save about 100-300 calories, which will already give some results. Try to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible. Despite the fact that they are very useful, they also satisfy hunger, which just the same and prevents you from throwing off those extra pounds. Do not forget about water. On the day you need to drink about 2 liters. Again, do not be afraid, thinking that this is too much. Drink a glass every hour or two, and you will easily cope with this amount. Do not forget about the important quality that water, like fruit, will drive away this feeling of emptiness in the stomach.


It is necessary to clarify another important fact that can be a key part to achieving the goal - to lose 10 kg correctly. Always look at the composition of the product, or rather the part where the calorie content is written. Usually there is indicated the ratio of protein-carbohydrate-fat or just their number. Remember that a healthy diet should contain 60% of all calories from carbohydrates, which are the main source of human energy, 20% of proteins, which are used by the body as a building material and 20% of fats. Just keep in mind that this ratio should not be counted in grams, which are written on labels, but in calories. In order to calculate everything correctly, just remember that 1g of fat is 90 calories, 1g of carbohydrates and 4.1 is calories of fat. You should not fall for the marketing moves of manufacturers and assume that 1% of fat is not enough. There is not a percentage of calories, but a percentage of the total mass, which for us is not true.

You probably already realized that quickly lose weight by 10 kg is a very real task. This unique way is not a super-complex task that people can cope with with the strongest willpower. The whole secret is to remove one small detail from your diet. You can substitute something that you refuse from any fruit or an extra portion of vegetable salad.Remember that your diet should not be torture, but rather bring only positive feelings. In a week you will see the first results, and in two you will be surprised how simple it is.

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