How to lower blood sugar

People with diabetes must follow a strict diet. If you do not eat sugar, then he will not rise because of anything. When playing sports, the body needs fast fuel, which is glucose. Therefore, if you succumb to temptation and could not resist the cake for breakfast, organize yourself a half-hour run. All the sugar that has entered the blood is consumed during this time and will not have time to harm you.
It is believed that flavored spices not only lower sugar levels inof blood, but also suppress the desire to "eat something sweet." Make an infusion of coriander, cinnamon or anise, dilute it with warm water and drink instead of tea. You will not only reduce sugar, cinnamon will strengthen the immune system, and coriander will improve metabolism, on which its therapeutic effect is based.
Potatoes are recommended for diabetics to be consumed in very limited quantities due to their high content of starchy substances.But the juice of raw potatoes is considered a therapeutic sugar reducing agent. Smash 3-4 potatoes on a fine grater, squeeze the juice out of them and let it settle until all the starch is donkey. Carefully pour the juice into a clean dish, drink it 20 minutes before lunch or dinner. Before each meal you need to prepare a fresh portion of juice.
Well proven in the fight against sugar and oats. Half a cup of grain pour 3 cups of boiling water, place in a thermos and steamed for several hours. Take this infusion should be 3-4 times a day for half a glass for one month. If you have green oats at your disposal, you can drink the juice pressed from its stems, it also normalizes sugar inof blood.
But no matter how miraculous you try to lower your sugar, do not try to resist the instructions of your doctor.

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