How to make a beautiful wrought iron gate for a private house with your own hands

Forged products are an eternal trend of landscape design. Metal fences, gates and wickets look beautiful, look strong and long serve. It is not necessary to purchase a ready wicket, because metal forged decorative items are not cheap. You can make a nice wicket according to your own sketch.

Adaptations that will be useful in the work: 1. High-quality Bulgarian. As we are talking about almost jewelry work with forged products, Bulgarian It should also cut well, leaving no uneven edges (it also depends on the cutting wheel). It is useful for the separation of elements. 2. The device of electric arc welding. It will be necessary to connect the parts of the gate with each other. So, forged elements, bends and figures, are welded to the base of the future gate.It is best to first practice on probes to create inconspicuous neat welding seams. 3. Tool for twisting spirals. This machine is needed for cold forging. When it is not possible to turn to blacksmithing, such a device helps to create curved decorative elements. 4. Spray on the compressor. An indispensable thing for priming and painting. First, it’s important to start consider the appearance of the future gate and create a sketch. It is important to remember that with the help of cold forging you will not be able to create complex shapes or flowers. To decorate the gate with such luxurious items, you should study blacksmithing (the link is a good resource). Hot forging metal allows you to forge iron in any form. You can order the pieces you like from the blacksmith or purchase them in the store. Blacksmithing is indispensable when creating an exclusive forged wicket.

Next, prepare the frame. This may be a profile tube, from which the base for the gate is being brewed. It is strong enough, easy to use. During the cutting of the pipe for the frame it is necessary to turn the material, then the surface will be smooth and aesthetic. After the creation of the frame it is possible to decorate with its decorative elements.Bends and waves are created by cold forging using an apparatus, and sophisticated jewelry will be presented by blacksmithing. Welding seams should not be located in a prominent place, so as not to spoil the type of gate. Finally, grinders should be retouched with a grinder so as not to damage the product. Then the gate is cleaned of rust with a metal brush. Finally it's time to paint. To begin with, primer the surface twice, and then put a black matte color with the selection of decorative elements in gold or silver. So the gate will look rich and stylish, as required by modern landscape design.

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