How to make a carbon filter

As a source for a charcoal filter, you can use the body of a conventional channel filter, and the filter material can be AR – B activated carbon. You will also need two ordinary kitchen sieves with a metal mesh of 175 and 180 millimeters in diameter. Insert one into the other with a small gap.
Pour the activated carbon into one sieve, with the other sieve inserted all the way up from the top, so that the coal inside is stationary. To seal the gap is ideal rubber ring from the duct heater.
Move the entire structure to the channel filter housing, closer to the outlet.
Cut the gasket out of the foamed backing and use it to seal the gap between the filter housing and the edge of the sieve. Inside the filter, insert pieces of very dense parallel into the gaps on the four sides; this is necessary for fixing and clamping the entire structure you have made.
In general, the design is quite simple.

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