How to make a children's jeep "Willis"

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Today I want to show you an amazing project. A project in which a person has put his soul and desire to please his child. What came of it? See ...

I could afford to buy a child the most "cool" jeep, but decided that it would be better after all, if I did myself, let this result in a clunker, but with my own hands. And it raced, and it was already very difficult to stop. The design took about 3-3.5 weeks (I do not remember exactly), and the construction took 2 months, for money, about $ 1200. Many will say "nafig nada", for the money I will buy two jeeps and I will not bathe. Well, I’d hurry to inform you that: a) you don’t buy one; b) the safety margin of this machine is enough to survive 10 Chinese; c) participation of the child in the process and pleasure for the father; d) children are sufficiently versed to distinguish the “Chinese” jeep from the almost “real”, etc. This list goes on and on ... But the most interesting thing is what? This is what if you are a wealthy and self-sufficient person (by simple “cool”),then this does not prevent you from remaining with them.

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