How can I make a Christmas wreath with my own hands?

No traditional Christmas takes place without angels, candles, a Christmas tree and a Christmas wreath. If you are a supporter of observance of traditions and want to dilute your life with notes of beauty, then you have to master needlework.

How to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands? For people who want to create a festive atmosphere in their home, this issue becomes especially relevant in the winter. Great holidays will come very soon, so you need to prepare all the gifts and accessories now. Your home will be fabulous if you decorate it with original Christmas wreaths.

Nothing creates a festive atmosphere like making themed accessories. Therefore, quickly go for all the necessary materials and start creating a masterpiece.


Joagann Vihern is considered the creator of the Christmas wreath. He lived in Hamburg and was very fond of kids.Joagann had enough material resources to help the poor. He often took the children from them so that they would not die of starvation. Vihern raised children, fed them and tried to give them a decent education.

Young children loved Christmas and constantly asked the tutor when it would come, so the resourceful Joagann decided to give them a gift. He took the usual wheel of wood and placed on it sixteen candles. Twelve of them were small in size and red in color. The other four were white and big. In the morning, he lit one small candle with the children. On Sunday, the big one caught fire. Thus, he tracked the time with the kids. As you can see, the Christmas wreath is not only a decoration, but also a useful device.


A wreath is not just a decoration on the door, it is an object that is able to protect your home and attract happiness, health and well-being into your life. The shape of the wreath means infinite eternal life, green color symbolizes a healthy life, but small candles mean warm and bright energy.

Having decided to create such a miracle of decorative art as a wreath, you should know that you can use all sorts of materials for it. The wreath can be both wooden, and iron and paper.For decoration in general, you can use everything beautiful in the house.

Paper and rain

We need to prepare such materials:

  • Old newspaper - 2-4 sheets
  • White napkins - 10 pcs.
  • Adhesive or thermal gun
  • Organza or other decorative fabric - 1m
  • Small balls, fruits, beads, cones
  • Rain with frost effect - 1-2 pcs.


  1. We reveal the beloved, but already read newspaper on the turn. The newspaper must have large sheets. Take 3 leaves.
  2. We roll up newspaper sheets into a tube with a diameter of about 6-7 cm.
  3. We connect two edges in order to form a ring. We do this with glue or thread.
  4. Give the wreath a prettier look. We take napkins white or blue. We unfold and wrap them with a wreath, gluing the edges of the napkins so that they do not stick out.
  5. After the white base of the wreath is ready, we take an organza of green or golden color and we wind a wreath with it.
  6. The fabric is attached to the wreath using a heat gun or a conventional PVA.
  7. Then we take our green rain with white specks and just wrap a wreath in a circle, creating the effect of a fluffy spruce. The edges of the rain fix glue.
  8. We take small balls and other elements of the decor and carefully attach them to the rain in random order. You can add angels, bows and cones to the wreath.
  9. On this simple, but very beautiful wreath is ready.

From this spruce

Such a wreath will be not only beautiful, but also fragrant. True, he has one drawback - the needles can crumble.

We take the following materials:

  • Bending thin wire - 2-4m.
  • Thread
  • Small spruce branches
  • Glue

For decor:

We make:

  1. From soft wire make frame. To do this, we wind from it several circles of the required diameter. Then these circles are interconnected by turns of the same wire.
  2. Sprigs spruce (we take small, maximum 10 cm in length) with the help of thread bind to the frame of the wreath. We do this in a circle, the branches should be located on each other, so that the wreath is magnificent.
  3. It may take you a couple of hours. Tie the branches tightly.
  4. After the green base of the Christmas wreath is ready, you can begin to decorate it. Again, there are no restrictions. Only your imagination can tell you how to decorate a Christmas wreath.

From fabric and beads

We will need:

  • Fishing line or thin wire - depending on the diameter of the wreath
  • Tape or strip of fabric 4-10 cm wide - 2 m.
  • Multicolored beads
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Decorative material


  1. Take the line and pass it through the needle with a wide eye.
  2. A strip of fabric or tape (green or blue) strings, collecting it in an accordion.
  3. You should have a wreath with wavy edges.
  4. We connect the two ends of the fishing line, connecting them together.
  5. The base is ready and you can start sewing snow from beads. In order to speed up the process, you can paste it.
  6. Decorate such a wreath with a red bow.

To make a Christmas wreath, you can take Christmas balls or just beads. You can make it colorful, and you can monotonous.

It all depends on the interior and the overall decor of the room and your desire. It is not necessary to limit yourself to only one wreath, because you can not only hang them on the door, but also place them on the table, putting, for example, a bottle of champagne in its center.

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