How to make a cylinder

You will need
  • Synthetic crepe satin 70 cm;
  • Black lining 50 cm;
  • Black slanting inlay 90 cm;
  • A strip of black velvet 15x65 cm;
  • Napkin-plastic tablecloth;
  • Double sided tape;
  • Tube of glue moment;
  • Lokalo.
If we have no patterns, it must be done. We take any headdress with fields and carefully remove the lower contour of the crown (the hole into which the head is inserted). Get an oval. At the same time you can circle the field, it does not hurt. The bottom of our cylinder will now be the resulting oval. Now we perform a series of geometric manipulations with thick paper with a pencil, scissors and pieces of double-sided tape and we get a layout. It now remains to trim the field, raise the crown, adjust the size, put labels and disassemble. Now we have a piece, we go further.
We draw your attention to the fact that the lower cut of the crown is uneven. Above the ears, the cutting line should be raised by about 1.5 cm. Then the headdress will keep well on the head and will not lie on the ears. To do this, we make snags in the marked places and gradually get rid of them at a distance of 3 to 5 cm on each side of the recess.Now we take a napkin-cloth with dimensions of 90x60 cm, we cut out the crown from it, making allowance to the bottom at the top. Cut the bottom cut of the crown without allowance. Fields are cut with allowances along their internal contour to attach to the crown. In preparing the patterns of our crown, we take this moment into account and give an allowance of 5 - 7 cm to the girth of the side.
We fix the fabric on the tulle along the bottom cut and on the line of the upper allowances with the help of glue Moment. On the fields we fix the fabric with double-sided tape. Slave all over again, and then cut out. The edges of the fields are made of oblique bei glued to the Moment-crystal. We will only be more careful with glue so that it does not come out beyond the edges of the fields and does not leave its shiny traces. You should not iron the polymeric fields with an iron - you just need to do everything straight away immediately.
And the last - the assembly. The only tough part we got a double bottom of the cylinder. We bend the allowances of the crown and glue them to the cardboard bottom. Another is exactly the same bottom plastered with cloth as the field and cut off the excess. To prevent the edge of the fabric from falling, we will melt it with a cigarette lighter or a match, if it is synthetic. If we have mixed fabric, then we apply PVA glue on the contour.

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