How to make a fill in Photoshop?

Photoshop is one of the most powerful photo processing tools. Offers its users a huge number of features and capabilities. One of the frequently used features is the Fill tool in Photoshop. This tool allows you to work with color and adjust photos, changing colors, making them richer and brighter. Also, the use of the fill allows you to replace some colors in the photos with others, which helps to express the artistic intent more clearly.

Fill Types

In Photoshop, there are two types of fills - �Fill� and �Gradient�. To see where in Photoshop the fill, you need to click on the �Bucket with a drop� icon, the fill tab will appear. Both tools, �Fill� and �Gradient�, are on the same tab. To select one or another type of fill, right-click on the icon and select the desired tool from the pop-up window.

The Fill tool is used to fill colors in Photoshop, or patterns, of the main shapes.It is used for painting backgrounds, objects, creating patterns or ornaments. The Gradient tool is used to fill with a smooth transition from one color to another. Allows smooth transition of colors, making the border almost invisible. It can also be used to highlight color transitions and draw transition boundaries. Existing types of fills are configured with various parameters that allow you to select different conditions when filling objects.

Make fill

When working with color, in Photoshop, you must consider the type of fill you choose. In order for the fill in Photoshop to be done correctly, you need to select its type and adjust the settings. So, for the fill using the Fill tool, the following parameters are configured:

  • Fill - sets the parameter for filling the main area (in solid color or pattern);
  • Pattern - select the type of pattern to fill;
  • Mode - blending mode;
  • Opacity - sets the degree of transparency of the fill;
  • Tulerance - sets the degree of closeness of the colors that will be poured;
  • Contiguous - close areas that are covered by the Tulerance value are painted;
  • Anti-aliased - creates a translucent border between shaded and not shaded areas;
  • All Layers - the fill is performed on the active layer at the moment of the fill.

How to make a fill in Photoshop using the Gradient tool and custom tool options:

  • Select the fill area.
  • Select the Gradient tool.
  • Select the primary color and background color.
  • Select options and settings on the settings panel.
  • Place the cursor inside the selected area.
  • Clicking the left mouse button, moving the cursor, mark a straight line. The shorter the line, the more noticeable the transition between colors.

On the tab "Options" are configured fill options. Customizable settings allow you to change the degree of transparency, blending modes, styles, borders of the beginning and end of the fill. By working with color and applying different types of fills, you can achieve unique solutions and high-quality images. The use of the fill is necessary in almost all types of image processing, regardless of the complexity of the problem being solved and the set processing objectives. In this connection, we suggest using this guide in working with Photoshop.

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