How to make a gift to a man with your own hands

I think that every woman has a question several times a year: what would you give her husband, brother, father or friend for a birthday, February 23, New Year, anniversary, on the occasion of the victory of his favorite football team and To give socks, panties and shaving foam, in my opinion - this is not a very good solution, imagine that you were given mascara, well, or a hand cream ...

I offer you a master class in which I will describe in detail how to make a pleasant surprise - an original gift for a man with his own hands, it will turn out to be quite budget and very unexpected.

A gift to the man with his own hands

A gift to a man with his own hands

To make it, you need the following materials:

  • boxboard;
  • Several types of glue: hot melt, and "Titan" (can be replaced with any transparent glue with good fixation)
  • thin double-sided tape;
  • food film or baking sleeve (you can use a transparent packaging or floral film, but this is more expensive and is not always at hand);
  • satin ribbon - almost 2 meters;
  • corrugated paper of brown, yellow and green colors;
  • pistachios;
  • Well, and the "filling" for the gift (I have 7 different cans of beer, those that my husband has not tried, as well as different snacks: chips, salted nuts, fish, etc.).

Getting Started.

Stage 1: make a box.

If you have a finished box of cylindrical shape (hat or from something else), then you are fortunate enough, just decorate it with paper and tape and that's it. Well, I didn’t find anything suitable, so I did it myself.

From a boxboard cut 2 equal circles with a diameter of 24 cm, they need to be glued together for durability it will be the bottom, and one circle is slightly larger (approximately 24.5 cm.) - this is the cover of the product.

Now you need to cut a rectangle out of cardboard, which will be the side walls. Its length can be determined by attaching cardboard to a circle or calculating it using the formula for calculating the circumference: L = ПD, where P is pi = 3.14,and D is the diameter of the circle. By simple mathematical calculations we obtain: L = 3,14 * 24 = 75,36 cm. The height of the rectangle is 20 cm.

I didn’t have a whole piece of cardboard, the required length, I had to cut it out of two pieces.

Now the rectangle needs to be bent along the lines of rigidity, thereby giving it a rounded shape.

Use a thermo-gun to glue the parts together. Be careful - very hot! This should be done as hard as possible. the gift has a solid weight, it is very important that the box withstands such a load.

Tape the inside of the box with brown corrugated paper. At this stage I took a creped, but there is not much difference, I glued to "Titan", then it dried up, and there was no trace of glue. It is necessary to bend the edges of the paper outwards.

Seal the bottom of the box from the outside, cut a circle with a diameter of about 26 cm, so that excess edges are glued to the side walls.

From a brown paper cut a rectangle 21 cm high, 76 cm long.Wrap them side walls, a good missed glue. At the same time, it can be seen that the paper protrudes from the upper edge of the box, it should be so - it's for beauty.

The box is ready, proceed to the lid.

The remaining third circle is covered with a strip of corrugated paper as shown in the photo below (it stretches perfectly, so it will lie flat). It should be the same on the back.

Cut 2 circles with a diameter of approximately 20 cm, glue them on the lid on both sides. The base is ready.

Stage 2:creating decor in the form of sunflowers and nuts

Cut rectangles of size 26 * 26 cm and 14 * 14 cm from food film. I made the first of the film, but I thought that it was not strong enough, so for the rest I used a baking sleeve. Put a handful of pistachios in the middle of the squares.

Collapse them this way:

You can fix the bottom thread. Make the necessary number of kuljochkov. I got 5 big ones - these will be sunflowers, and a few small ones.

Cut out 5 rectangles from brown paper, the size of which is 17 * 6 cm. On one side, cut the paper into thin fringe, without cutting to the middle of the width.

Wrap a bag of pistachios with double-sided tape.

To fasten the fringe on the hearts of future sunflowers. Beauty! The picture is already outlined and the essence of the described process becomes clear.

Cut a rectangle of 18 * 8 cm from yellow paper, fold it with an accordion and cut out such a detail:

And also prepare several separate petals. We will attach again to double-sided scotch, we can use hot melt glue, but I'm not very comfortable with it, because he constantly drips on the table, fingers, etc.)))

The second row of the individual petals is staggered in relation to the first. The ends of the petals slightly twist fingers, so they look more natural.

Now it's time to add some greenery.Cut out rectangles of 7 * 8 cm in size, cut out the leaves and stretch them slightly in the middle.

Just below the middle we glue a strip of double-sided tape.

Fasten leaves to flowers. I made 3 sheets for each.

How to make a gift to a man with his own hands

Making the so-called "nuts" (another, more appropriate word does not go to my mind) out of small buns with pistachios. To do this, cut out three sheets of green paper, I have about 4 * 5 cm.

ATTENTION !!! All dimensions are very approximate, because they depend on the number of pistachios, so when working, be guided by your own preparations !!!

Similar to sunflowers decorate "nuts", only here it is enough just to wrap the thread, not using scotch.

We spread flowers and "nuts" in the center of the lid, creating a beautiful composition. Then I realized that I still had unsightly places in some places, so I made a few “dummies”.

To do this, rolled small pieces of paper from the scraps of paper (and there will be a lot of them), wrapped them in brown paper, and then the process is similar to creating "nuts"I added the remaining yellow petals to some dummies.

It remains only to attach sunflowers, "nuts" and "pacifiers" using hot melt glue. Wrap the box with yellow satin ribbon, tie a beautiful bow. Fill the gift with the contents of a man and close the lid.

Oh, yes! I almost forgot: the protruding top edge of the paper on the box is slightly stretched, forming frills, it will turn out more elegantly.

As you can see, a wonderful and very original gift for a man is easy to do with your own hands and you don’t have to rush to the shops looking for something SUCH ... All you need is to have patience, inspiration and have a few days left before the cherished event.

An original gift to a man with his own hands

For me it was not the main gift, but an unexpected addition to it (the husband chose a gift for himself, so he waited only for him, and here you also had a “dessert” !!!).

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