How to make a Halloween jack lantern with your own hands

Without which it is impossible to imagine Halloween? Of course, without a flashlight Jack - the most memorable symbol of All Saints Day.

It is usually made from pumpkin. But if you do not have this vegetable, you can make Jack's lantern of paper. This trick will be even more practical: it does not spoil, does not lose its appearance, and even a child can make it.

How to make a jack-o-lantern on Halloween with your own hands

How to make a Jack-o'-lantern Halloween with your own hands

Before you make your own Jack-O-Lantern on Halloween, for convenience, prepare the necessary materials and tools in advance:

  • orange, black and green colored paper and orange cardboard
  • transparent adhesive tape and glue;
  • scissors.

First, we roll a sheet of orange cardboard into a cylinder, fix the edges with adhesive tape or glue.

Then take a sheet of orange colored paper and fold it in half (along).The width of the paper sheet must be greater than the width of the cardboard cylinder. The more noticeable this difference is, the more convex the flashlight will turn out.

We make parallel cuts along the seam with an interval of about a centimeter between them, not bringing them to the edge of the sheet.

 Cut the paper in the center

Cut the paper in the center

Now, to get the lamp of Jack, with our own hands, attach the incised orange sheet to the cardboard cylinder, using an adhesive tape, stapler or glue. At the same time, we slightly shift the edges of the sheet to the center so that its middle becomes convex.

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