How to make a high bed

A high bed can be made on the surface of the earth, and you can even slightly deepen into the ground. For the construction of an in-depth bed, it is necessary to remove the top layer of soil in about the right place to a depth of 30-40 cm. If the removed soil is fertile, then it is used for the top layer of a future bed. If there are many weeds in it, then it is better to use it in the lower compost layer.
A box for high beds can be made of boards more than 4 cm thick or logs with a diameter of 8 cm. A brick or any other suitable building material will do. The inner walls of the box stitch film. At the bottom it is better to put a fine mesh, it will protect the fruit from the raids of rodents and moles. The whole structure must be durable and stable.
The height of the future beds, each determines their own. The width is also individual, but note that it is not convenient to care for plants when the bed width is more than 130 cm. The length depends on the space available on the site and the amount of building material.
You can fill the bed with the same materials that are used in warm beds. This is wood waste, paper, grass, all layers are poured over with earth and sand.Then the whole structure needs to be watered and tamped. Top fertile soil is poured in a thick layer. If the roots are in a bed of reheating beds, they can burn. This will destroy the plant.
On such beds, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, cabbage and peppers are excellent. The first two years on such beds it is better not to grow lettuce, radishes and Peking cabbage, because they quickly accumulate nitrates. If you stretch the film over a high bed, you can grow seedlings or thermophilic vegetables on it.

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