How to make a home waterfall

You will need
  • - 5-liter bottle of mineral water;
  • - pump pump (you can use the pump for aquariums);
  • - plastic packaging from under the cake of a suitable size;
  • - polyurethane foam;
  • - "liquid Nails";
  • - paint in an aerosol can;
  • - natural or artificial pebbles, shells;
  • - artificial plants or trees.
Make a tank for the bottom of the reservoir from the bottle of mineral water. Cut the bottom of the bottle so that its height is 6-10 cm. Stick it to the base - a plastic tray from the package from the cake.
Make a relief for the futurewaterfalla. To do this, completely cover the base with assembly foam so that the resulting layer is at the level of the lower tank. After 3-4 hours, when the foam layer hardens, simulate a small slide that will become the channel for yourwaterfalla. The optimal height of this slide is 16-20 cm.
Position the pump in the lower tank and pull its tube to the top of the slide.At the top, make a small lake for water accumulation, in which bring the end of the hose from the pump. Lay out the slopewaterfalland pebbles, promazhte coursewaterfalland the seams between the stones are liquid nails.
Check workwaterfalla: pour water into the lower tank and turn on the pump. Water will rise into the upper reservoir (lake) and begin to flow back down to the stones. Form with the help of liquid nails a few grooves along which water will flow down.
Make a pallet. To do this, cut the plastic cover from the cake, a tray from which was taken for the basewaterfalla. Paint the cover with paint from a balloon, if you wish, you can draw any patterns. Installwaterfall�in the pan.
Decorate the resultingwaterfall�pebbles and shells all over the surface. Looks amazing small artificial tree or flower, mounted on a stone hill. If desired, color the stones or make the backlight.

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