How to make a log house of timber

You will need
  • - bars 6 m and 8 m long;
  • - carpenter's ax;
  • - chisel;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - two-handed and saw;
  • - cord length of 16 m;
  • - roulette 10 m;
  • - level;
  • - pencil or crayons.
Choose a project for your future home. For example, its foundation will be a 6x8 m log cabin. Choose a site for a construction site. The components of the timber will be assembled in a specially designated place from the side of the future veranda of the house.
Put on the terrain the layout of the future house plan, paying particular attention to its corners - they should be equal to 90 °. To do this, put a peg in one of the corners of the installation of the log. Using a tape measure, measure 8 m and set a peg for the second corner. On the cord, measure 6 m from one of its ends and tie a knot. Fix the ends of the cord in the locations of the first two pegs, take the knot, pull the cord to the side where the third corner of the house will be located, and place a peg in it. Similarly, install the fourth peg.
Make and install pads under the frame, which will serve as a temporary foundation. To ensure the accuracy of the installation of pads 5 cm, use a level.
Take two beams with a length of 6 m and two beams with a length of 8 m, cut down the paws at the ends of these bars. To reduce the water permeability of the seams, remove the bevel of 2-3 cm from the outside of the bars. Install the overlay crown and the rest of the crowns. Every 1.5-2 m, splice the crowns between each other with cylindrical dowels or rectangular spikes.
For the device of window and door openings in the walls of the bars, arrange ridges 4-6 cm thick and 3-5 cm long, which will later be put on the details of the window (door) box. Cut through the bars, forming a window or doorway from the inside and outside, after assembling, cut off the excess wood.
Dig the walls of the log house first outside, then from the inside. Press thin strips of felt, hemp or tow into grooves or crevices.

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