How to make a man's hairstyle?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
January 28, 2013
How to make a man's hairstyle?

Why go to the hairdresser if you can make a great hairstyle at home? Do not believe? Then read our article on how to make a fashionable men's hairstyle. We will describe in detail the process of its creation, and you will be able to please your young man, husband or father, son or even grandson. Just let us immediately determine the type of hair. Since we are going to talk about a haircut, from which it will be possible to go to various places - to work, and to the club, and to visit, we will focus on the version close to the classic one. If you get such a hairstyle, then the rest will not have problems.

How to make a stylish male hairstyle

Before you start a haircut, wash your hair with shampoo, rinse with warm water and dry. Next, we need a styling tool. In principle, gel and foam or even mousse are suitable, but only for styling male hair, since there is a definite difference between female and male hair care products.You also need to consider that for a certain type of hair requires a certain gel. In our case, we need gel and lacquer with moderate fixation, since we will be doing a haircut that resembles a classic one. Also note that this type of hairstyle is suitable for men who have hair of medium length or even slightly shorter. Now apply hair styling product to your man’s hair over the entire length. Then take a comb and begin to comb the hair from the forehead to the back of the head so that they stick up. Do the same with the sides. Now you need to raise the bangs and slightly comb back. Next, trim the hair if there are protruding hairs. Well, the haircut is almost ready. All that is left is to take the hairspray and pour the resulting hairstyle.

How to work with short hair

Here the technology for creating such a hairstyle will be somewhat different. When combing, short hair will need to be trimmed from the sides and only then filled with fixing agent, otherwise you will have a hairstyle resembling a lion's mane - it is original, of course, but hardly suitable, say, for business meetings, and indeed for work.Often this hairstyle is called the “explosion at the macaroni factory” - so that such an explosion does not work, and a slight mess comes out, do not forget to shorten the hair on the sides or smooth them. Now everything is ready. The resulting haircut is universal and has an almost classic look, so your man will be able to work with her and rest - he will look fashionable and stylish with her in any setting. By the way, this is a great option for business people as well, because even a man in a suit will look very solid with such a hairstyle. On this lesson on how to make a male hairstyle is over - I think, now everything will work out perfectly for you.

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