How to make a man happy

Respect youra man. Respect plays a big role in the relationship between the sexes. Constant expression of discontent, humiliation, reproaches and ridicule will make him unhappy next to you. Criticizinga man, know the measure, avoid harsh words and epithets. And do not forget to praise its merits.
Try to be immediate and easy going. Over time, even the most durable relationships can become monotonous and boring. Fatigue accumulates at work, exhausting daily routine affairs. Men do not like monotony very much - they start to get bored, to yearn for a bachelor life, to look for bright impressions on the side. To prevent this, from time to time, revive your relationship. A sudden trip to the sauna, a trip to the club with old friends, a romantic walk at your initiative will inspirea man. Support his crazy and crazy idea - and he will be happy!
Let a man understand that he is very important to you. Appreciate his opinion, listen to him.Listen carefully to him when he speaks. Say that without him you would not have done it when he helped you. Men love to feel necessary and important.
Do not forget about diversity in sexual life. Use this method regularly, because with its help it is so easy to make happya man, at least for a while. From time to time, invent something new. Do not be afraid to experiment - perhaps something new and unusual will not only make you happya manbut unexpectedly you will like it.
Love yourself and take care of yourself. A man will be happy if next to him is a beautiful and desirable woman. Emphasize your attractiveness with beautiful lingerie, good and sexy clothes, competent makeup. Let him be proud of you when you are in public, and he feels a desire for you, when you are alone, so that he will not even go to the other in his thoughts.

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