How to make a man marry?

The question of marriage is probably the most difficult question in the relationship of men and women today! If you enter in Google how to make a man marry, 871,000 links will fall out, and these are only Russian-speaking. If we remember the story, because then the wedding was not some kind of unreasonable and complicated act. All married, lived quietly and happily. What has changed? Why now we can not, make men marry? Did women become worse to look or worse to have sex, or maybe we have forgotten how to cook? No to all OR! In our time, the sexual revolution, trying to release the beauty and pleasure of sexual relations, has come to a complete loss of the value of sex! Indeed, why should a man marry today! Washing the dishes - there is a dishwasher, washing - there is a washing machine, tasty food is not a problem at all, as long as there is money. You say, what about sex and children? But today, few of which girl is able to keep a man for more than a month, not bringing to intim! This is where the problem lies, if all women and girls had declared a boycott for extramarital sex, in a month everyone would have been married!

But this is all rhetoric.After analyzing the information on the Internet - I came to the conclusion that people do not need a theory, but need practical advice! So, where to start the path of a man to the crown. There are three basic rules: delicious food, good sex and a cozy home!

The stomach is the heart of a man

Delicious food for a man - it's like a diamond ring for a woman! Learn Indian spices, with their help, you will awaken in his beloved man inexplicable feelings for him to you. Spices - the main ingredient of love food! Find a combination just for your man, and he will search for your culinary delights for the rest of his life.

Wife, first of all - mistress

Good sex - consider that it is not only a pleasant pastime, but also practically bought a wedding dress to you! Do not be afraid to experiment, change images, be a submissive girl and a rare bitch, but only in bed. Never transfer roles from a sexual game to a real life. And most importantly - find the weak spot of your man and do not let him forget your skill.

Home, children, family - not a dream, but a reality

And the third, cozy home - add more comfort in your home, buy cute teddy bears, arrange fresh flowers, change curtains.Ask for a visit to the parents of your chosen one and try to bring into your house a couple of interior elements that remind him of the mother. To take a photo of a child, whether it is a godson or a relative, over time, a constant reminder will awaken in him the instinct of procreation.

And yet, do not forget the well-known Russian proverb - do not get married, just to not get married! Do not rush things, be sure that with this person you want to spend your whole life. And most importantly, do not stoop to blackmail a man with pregnancy, he will never forgive you for this! Evznay fresh flowers, change the curtains. x plush mice, a little bitch and a rare stinker, but only in the last post.

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