How to make a marble phone case

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I recently shared with you the idea of ​​how to decorate a mug in an original way. Today we use the past experience with a mug and in the same way we will make a marble case for the phone.How? - exclaim you ... Yes easy! - I will answer with a proudly raised nose ...Read and be inspired!

How to make a marble case for phone

What do we need?

  • Nail Polish;
  • Disposable container with warm water;
  • Ceramic white mug.

How to make your mug more original?

  • Fill a disposable container with warm water;
  • We literally add a drop of varnish into the water and let it dissolve;
  • Immerse the case in the water;
  • You can use nail polish remover to remove excess;
  • Carefully wipe the mug with a paper towel;
  • You can repeat actions with other colors.

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