How to make a miniature Christmas tree

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Today we will make with you a miniature Christmas tree made of rope. But the rope should be made from natural sisal fiber. It can be purchased at a hardware store or at a building hypermarket.

How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands:

Can't wait to show you this easy and fascinating process! Let's get started.

  • For a start, cut off equal parts of the rope.
  • Spread it out and fold it so that the fibers lie in the same direction.
  • Take the wire fromgalvanizedsteel (you can use any solid wire) and bend it . Arrange the fibers on the wire as shown in the photo.
  • Then cut out the triangular shape.
  • Attach one end of the wire in a vice, and the other end will be twisted with a drill.
  • The result is a shapeless scrap that we turn into a herringbone using scissors.

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