How to make a portal to Ender in Minecraft?

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How to make a portal to Ender in Minecraft?

"Edge" is one of the last worlds in the cult game "Minecraft". Many gamers want to be in Ender, but not everyone knows exactly how to do it. This material will help to understand all the nuances and open the way to this mysterious world.

Before you start creating a portal, study the material How to Teleport (in minecraft), which clearly describes the principles of teleportation in the online world of a popular game.

Total options for hitting Ender are two:

  • Create a portal and go to the world of Ender;
  • Find portal Ender in the world "Minecraft".

Now about each method separately.

Portal construction

Pre-read the article How to make a portal without mods in Minecraft - it will be useful to you. For the construction of the passage, gamers will need the Ender's Eye and blocks of twelve pieces, obtained from the Ender-world. Consider that for each block there should be one Oka. Blocks can be found in the fortresses by their characteristic gray-green color.

  1. Three blocks are built, placed on each side of the portal to get a simple geometric shape - a square. The eyes are arranged so that a black eye is directed into the aisle. So all Oki are distributed.
  2. Do not go into the transition, because instantly you risk moving to Ender. The passage will be open when the color inside the portal is black.
  3. We check if the portal is working, going out to the usual Minecraft world and returning to the portal. There is a dragon there that must be destroyed. Also read the article How to grow a dragon, where interesting facts about the dragon are revealed. To kill the beast, you need to first destroy the tower and only then kill the monster.

This is one of the ways how to make a portal to Ender in Minecraft, but there is another. Perhaps it will be more convenient for other gamers.

Portal search

The Eye is used to find the passage, that is, the portal. You can find it in the Pearl region, using weapons. The eye must be taken with the right hand, after pressing the right mouse button, it will rise up and begin to move to the side where the desired portal is located, emitting a light of purple hue.

The approach of the Eye to the ground indicates that the desired portal is close. Having found it, you need to place on the Eye in each of the blocks. After that, the portal will immediately open.

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