How to make a postcard with your own hands?

Every person has enough holidays in the year and for each of them you need to give something to your close people. A good sign of attention will be the postcard. Only not banal postcard from the store, and made with his own hands.

Recently, card-making (the so-called creation of handmade cards) is becoming increasingly popular, because it gives the master unlimited possibilities. For the manufacture of postcards today there are quite a lot of various tools, technologies and materials. If you want to learn how to make a postcard with your own hands, then our article is for you.


In order to make a postcard yourself, you will need a blank for postcards, materials for decoration (at your discretion), glue or double-sided tape, scissors and some other details.

Action plan

To begin with, we define what you want to say through this postcard: congratulations on your birthday, anniversary, wedding day, etc.Its composition directly depends on the chosen idea for the future postcard. For clarity, you can make a sketch on paper.

Next, you need to see what materials you have. Everyone has their own preferences, so the composition options may be limited solely by your imagination. Before you finally choose one or another design option, it is better to try a few and choose the best one. After that, put the selected option on the blank for the postcard.

Next, you need to stick all the details of the composition on the base with glue or tape, decorate as desired and make a greeting inscription on the card.

Postcard for March 8 as an example

To make a postcard for March 8, you need to take:

  1. sand-colored leather cardboard;
  2. "Skeletonized" orange sheet;
  3. orange sisal;
  4. raffia green;
  5. dark green organza ribbon (dimensions: 7 mm wide and 80 cm long);
  6. marsh green satin ribbon (dimensions: 3.5 mm wide, 80 cm long)
  7. orange organza flowers (2 pcs.);
  8. green metallized tracing paper (5 * 3 cm);
  9. 5 beads: 1 orange, 4 - olive green;
  10. double sided tape;
  11. glue gun.

So, in order to make a postcard with your own hands, first you need to make a blank for a postcard, which when folded will have dimensions 10x17 cm.

At the next stage, you need to cut off the strip with the desired pattern from the napkin (size 4.5x17 cm). Separate the colored part from the remaining layers and glue it onto the adhesive side of the double-sided tape, cut the adhesive tape at the desired length, remove the protective layer and glue it onto the workpiece in one centimeter from the fold.

Next, from a sand-colored cardboard cut out the number 8 on the pattern. To keep the inner circles of the figures even, it is best to cut them with a sharp stationery knife.

On the wrong side of the figure 8, we fasten with the help of glue the edge of the ribbon of dark green color and we wind the figure eight so that the paper is visible through the gaps. Wrap it completely, fasten the end on the wrong side. We repeat the same actions with a marsh green satin ribbon, and then with raffia. It would be ideal if all layers of the winding are clearly visible.

Having attached the dial to the workpiece (you need to leave at least 3 cm at the top and side), you need to determine where the center of the 8 will be, so that you can place a skeletonized sheet and a little sisal under it (fix them better with glue where it will be under the eight).After that we paste the 8-ku itself.

At the final stage we cut out 3 traces of green tracing paper over the pattern, glue them between the rings of 8-ki so: one with a sharp end up, the second - to the right, the third - down.

Paste two flowers and an orange bead in the center of the leaves. Glue olive beads (2 above, 2 below) over the figure eight and below it along the edge of the green strip.

That's it, the postcard is ready!

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