How to make a purple bear

Many of us love making toys with fantasy and accessories. It often happens that there remains some thing that has already fallen into disrepair. Do not rush to throw it away, because it can still serve you well. It is quite possible to make a funny toy out of such a thing. Consider in this article a master class on making a wonderful teddy bear from an old purple beret color. For work, we will need to prepare the following:
  • beret, stitching at the seams;
  • plain white thread;
  • needle;
  • filler,
  • wire for limbs,
  • buttons, pieces of matter;
  • two beads for eyes.
You will also need threads (for example, “iris”) for the spout. Level of preparation for work: not higher than the simplest. The time it takes to make a toy is about 3 hours. Size of the finished product: about 30 cm. Step one. We make a paper pattern and translate it into fabric. Getting started with the usual procedure.We make a pattern of a toy, cut it out of paper and translate it to our fabric. This pattern will look like this (on the bottom on the fabric all the details are drawn with a black special marker)
 purple bear
Neatly cut out all the details of the fabric. We lay them out, iron with iron. Step two. Sewing our head. We'll start our toy with making a nice head of a mishut. For this you need to sew together 4 parts. At first, the details of the "face" are stitched, at the bottom there should be a bulge in the form of a muzzle. When this work is finished, it is necessary to start making ears. Two parts are stitched together, then turned out, a filler is added to the ear, and an ear is sewn from the front side to the face, as shown in the photo.
 purple bear cub
Then 2 occipital details are sewn together, they are sewn to the front side. The head is filled with gasket.
 purple bear
It should be noted that it is better to sew the parts manually (although the" virtuosos "of machine sewing may try to do all this work on a sewing machine). Step the third.We manufacture the body of a bear cub. For the torso, you need to take the two largest parts, stitch recesses on them (two undercuts on each part of the future product), and then flash them together on the wrong side. Body stuff. It turns out the following.
purple little bear
As a rule, the body is sewn to the head so that the recesses are on the face of the toy (they emphasize the bulge of the bear's tummy). Step four. Front paws. Paws are made of 2 parts, which we cut out of fabric 4 times. These two parts are stitched and filled. It turns out such plump legs 5-6 cm long.
 purple bear cub
Step five. Bear legs. Legs are made more difficult, because you need to sew together not 2, but 3 parts. The third detail is the circumference, which symbolizes the foot. Therefore, first the upper part of the legs is sewn, and then the oval circle is sewn into place. In the photo you can see such plump legs, the length of which is 7 cm.
 purple bear cub
Step six.We sew the parts together and decorate the product. After completing the preliminary work to create the toy, we sew together the head and the body. It may happen that the head will swing too much on the body, then the toy needs to make a “spine” with a wooden or plastic stick. You can also hide the stitches with which we sewed the head to the body, decorating the bear's neck with a small pink bow. It should “revive” our teddy bear by sticking his beaded eyes. This is what you end up with.
purple teddy bear
Now we thread the wire to the upper limbs and sew our hands. Our teddy bear now has hands that can be bent in different directions.
 purple bear
Do the same procedure for the legs. Skipping the wire
purple bear cub
and sew on lower legs.

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