How to make a scooter?

A scooter is a vehicle for one or two seats, which has a two-stroke internal combustion engine and two wheels. The engine of the scooter is located behind the fuel tank under the seat. All working parts of the scooter are covered to exclude the contact of the driver and the passenger with hot parts. The scooter can reach speeds of less than 80 km / h. It’s much more comfortable to sit on a scooter than on a motorcycle. Consider how to make a scooter with your own hands. We warn you in advance, take seriously the process of making a scooter, because it is, first of all, a vehicle that will participate in traffic. This means that it should be safe.

Step 1. Plan and drawing of the scooter

Make a scooter yourself, that is, create a vehicle tailored to your needs. Before designing a scooter, you should mentally create a plan for how to make a scooter and think it over to the smallest details. After that, you can draw a drawing, even if only schematically, but this will undoubtedly help you in creating your scooter model.

Step 2. We select the details

The simplest way is to take the old model of the scooter and modify it, fix the damage and equip it with new technical characteristics. If you decide to build a scooter yourself, then you have to buy a lot of parts in a specialty store.

Step 3. Putting the scooter

If you are using an old model of scooter, as the basis for the future scooter, then you should carefully look at how to make a scooter, that is, what parts need to be replaced. You may need to replace the engine or equally important parts of the scooter. When assembling a scooter, you should use parts designed for scooters in its construction. The first step is to purchase a plastic frame and case. Automobile parts on the scooter do not put, they can be used only as a last resort.

Step 4. Painting

If the scooter is assembled from scattered parts, then it should be painted. Before painting the scooter, all its details should be cleaned and degreased. The paint should be of good quality, moisture resistant as well as heat resistant, which will protect the scooter from corrosion and give it an attractive appearance.Choose the color to your liking.

Step 5. Care and maintenance

The oil in the gearbox needs to be changed every year. The air filter should be monitored, especially when driving on dusty roads. Watch for spark plugs after one or two thousand kilometers. Observe the technical condition of the brake pads, battery and other equally important parts of your scooter. Be sure to remove carbon from the engine during operation. Scooters are very poorly adapted to our roads with their potholes and irregularities, especially after winter. A scooter is a vehicle that feels great on even paved roads. Therefore, it is not recommended to ride the scooter too quickly, so as not to be an unwitting participant in an accident.

Many fans of self-made vehicles organize exhibitions and competitions to show their work and look at the inventions of other artists. Some mechanics and developers share their experience on how to make a homemade scooter. Scooters assembled on their own are not inferior in their characteristics to models produced in factories. In some cases, they even surpass the purchased models in quality and technical characteristics.

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