How to make a self-locking nut quickly

A self-locking nut is a very useful thing, especially when you need to fix a node or an aggregate that is subjected to dynamic loads. A simple connection under the influence of vibration will quickly weaken and begin to unscrew, which is fraught with various emergency situations.
How to make a self-locking nut quickly

Standard ways to prevent a threaded connection from unscrewing

There are several proven ways to protect the thread from unscrewing:
  • Twisting the lock nut, which can be used as a regular nut, as well as a special clamping nut designed for this purpose.
  • Using a spring washer.
  • Putting the compound - a special glue on the threaded connection.
  • Using a self-locking nut with nylon Do polyamide X's ring.
But there are situations when you need to make neraskruchivayuscheesya connection and suitable items not on the bolt or no room for locknuts.You can do the following:


To make a self-locking nut you will need the following materials:
  1. Actually, the bolt and nut that need to stall.
  2. Electrical shrink tubing.
  3. Heat source (a regular lighter will fit).
  4. Wrenches.


The essence of the life hacking is as follows:
  1. We put the heat shrink tube on the bolt with a small " tail ". How to quickly make a self-locking nut
How to quickly make a self-locking nut
  • Heat it to shrink and tightly wrap the thread, the tail has to stay: it will be the nut guide.
How to quickly make a self-locking nut
  • Put the nut on the tube and begin to tighten. It should be very tight, so you need to use the keys from the first turn. How to make a self-locking nut quickly
  • The thread will cut the tube's “tail” and it will disappear.
How to quickly make a self-locking nut
When the nut goes through the bolt,the tube material fills the thread, so the effect is the same as when using a nut with a pressed nylon ring. The tests showed that the nut sits securely and does not twist when it vibrates. If you need to unwind the connection, this is done in the usual manner using a wrench and the necessary effort. Pay attention! This method works for bolts with a diameter of at least M8, since with a smaller diameter of the shrink tube it does not provide sufficient force to ensure reliable fixation. We hope this simple, fast and convenient way to fix the threaded connection will appreciate home masters.

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