How to make a smokehouse?

It is not so easy to find a person who would not like to eat smoked products. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people who have their own houses or cottages are interested in the question of how to make a smokehouse.

Many people think that the process of smoking is very complicated, and for the manufacture of smokehouse requires large expenditures. Believe me, this is far from true! Let's figure out how to make a smokehouse with your own hands without significant financial costs, literally from the improvised means that can be found in each storeroom.

How to make hot smoked smokehouse

Smokehouse for hot-smoked products can be easily made from any metal container. For this, pans, buckets, and even medical fixes (a metal container in which tools are sterilized in hospitals) are perfect. The most important thing is that the container should be tightly closed with a lid that prevents smoke from escaping them.

Inside the tank set the grill and pan. Spread on the grill products that will be smoked.Well, the pan is designed to collect, flowing from the products in the process of smoking, fat and juice.

Several handfuls of sawdust are placed on the bottom of the tank, and on the grate are laid out, taken out from the brine and carefully drained, pieces of fish or meat. Self-made smokehouse close the lid and put on the flame of a fire or gas stove. Under the influence of high temperature, sawdust will begin to smoke, and hot smoking of your products will begin.

How to make a cold smokehouse

Cold smoked products can be stored for a long time. In addition, they have a pronounced smoky aroma and taste. And, when gardeners and owners of their own houses are looking for an answer to the question of how to make a home smokehouse, they are more interested in the arrangement of a smokehouse for cold-smoking products.

When cold smoked, the temperature of the smoke supplied to the smoke chamber should not exceed 30 degrees C. Therefore, the smoke must travel a sufficiently large distance, which will allow it to cool enough.

For cold-smoked smokehouse, dig a hole one meter deep. In this pit, sawdust, giving the smoke necessary for the process of smoking, will smolder.From the pit they lay a pipe not less than four meters long. The end of the pipe is placed in a 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 meter box made of brick or iron-lined boards. Inside the box make hooks for hanging products. The top of the box during smoking is closed with a piece of burlap.

Smoking products in such a smokehouse lasts about three days.

How to make a smokehouse from the barrel

Do you have an old barrel on the plot? Did you know that it can easily be turned into a smokehouse? To do this, you will need, in addition to the barrel, a piece of pipe and two metal sheets, and also about half an hour of your time.

Choose a convenient place for you in the courtyard, where the self-made smokehouse will be located. Here you should dig a trench, which in size should not exceed the size of your pipe. In the barrel cut the bottom and remove the cover from it. It is not scary if the barrel inside has rusty spots, the most important thing is that it is more or less clean.

We place the barrel over one of the two ends of the pipe; under the other part we dig a hole. The bottom of this pit should be about 30 cm below the bottom of the pipe. Width and depth - arbitrary, it all depends on you, in how much you will burn sawdust and firewood.

Do not forget to cover the outside of the bottom of the barrel with earth.In the pit, which is the hearth, we lay firewood (oak, pear, cherry or apple). Top sprinkled with raw sawdust.

As soon as the smoke has passed through the chimney and barrel, you will need two metal sheets. Put the first sheet on the barrel, like a lid, leaving a small gap for smoke, and cover the hearth with a second sheet, so that there is an entrance for sawdust and wood, this gap will serve as a blower.

How to make a smokehouse for fish

Any angler can easily cook hot-smoked fish from his catch right on the bank of a river or other body of water. To do this, he will need only an iron bucket with a lid, in which a stainless wire mesh is installed. It is better if there are two such nets in the bucket. One should be located at a distance of ten centimeters from the upper edge of the bucket, and the second below it by five centimeters. Gutted and salted fish fit into these nets.

Slightly wet chips (preferably alder) are poured at the bottom of the bucket. Instead of chips, you can use very finely chopped branches (not more than 1.0 cm).

The bucket is closed with a lid and put on the fire fire.As soon as the chips begin to smolder and emit smoke, the process of smoking fish will begin. Do not open the lid at this point.

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