How to make a smooth hairstyle

Use for washing your head with warm water not higher than 40 degrees. Too hot acts in a stimulating manner on the sebaceous glands. Because of this, the hair very quickly "get fat" and look untidy. Wash your hair only when it gets dirty.
Buy a shampoo that matches your hair type. Due to the wrong choice of remedy, your strands may be either dry or oily.
After washing, apply hair conditioner to the hair. 2 times a week, do a firming mask. It is better to buy expensive tools. The effect will be more noticeable.
Apply special oil (serum) to the ends of your hair. Perform this procedure after washing your head. Oil strengthens and protects hair from damage during blow-drying or styling, and also protects against mechanical damage with a comb.
Replace plastic or metal comb with wood. It will smooth the hair structure and give it a healthy shine.
To make smoothhairstyle, collect the hair in a bun. To do this, freshly washed and slightly wet strands of grease gel over the entire length. Then tie a tail on the back of the head, add a strand with a fine tooth, and thickly spray it with a varnish. Around the gum wrap hair, fasten the resulting bundle with pins.
Make one more smoothhairstylewhich is called a shell. Moist and clean hair comb to one side. On the line of parting with stealth fasten strands. Screw the loose part and transfer to the other side. Abovehairstylesprinkle with plenty of varnish, tuck the ends of the hair inward and fix them well. Complete the decoration with rhinestones or beautiful studs.
The tail on smooth, long, straightened hair looks very impressive. Iron strands using a special curling iron. Then collect the hair in the tail at the back and comb it thoroughly. Bangs can be fixed in the form of a wave with the help of invisible women. Stick to the crown. Spray your hair liberally with lacquer or brush with gel. From the tail for a change, you can also weave a pigtail.

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