How to make a snowman?

Winter is not winter if there is no snow! And from the snow you always want to blind something, because it is difficult to find more interesting material for creativity! In many countries abroad, there are entire festivals of snow sculptures. There are there animals, and fortresses, and all sorts of fantastic heroes. And our creativity is manifested spontaneously, in courtyards, in parks. The traditional theme for modeling in Russia is the snowman. How much joy this snowman brings to both adults and children! And let's find out how to make a snowman so that he does not fall apart the next day, he was beautiful and sweet.

Snow sculpture

Well, if you give the snowman stability with a wooden frame. Take a sturdy wooden stick 15 cm shorter than your future snowman. Let one sculptor hold a support, and the second sculpts a lump near her. It should take in height a little less than half of your future sculpture. Snow should be very hard to tamp around the stick, giving it a circle shape. If it is possible to pour water on it several times, then you will get a strong ball.

Then you must make a second smaller ball and the third smallest one. Make the snowman's legs, it will give him more stability. Then think of what to do with your eyes, nose, mouth and hat. Traditionally, the eyes are made of embers, the nose is made of carrots or cones, and the mouth is made of twigs or rowan trees, which are laid out like beads. From the snow, you can blind hands, they can be leaned against the body. And you can make them from branches. You can think for yourself how to make a snowman with your own hands, your imagination can invent your own way of modeling or do everything traditionally: roll three balls of different size and put them on each other.

DIY toy

It is very easy to make a toy on the Christmas tree with your own hands. The main thing is to know the basic techniques, how to make crafts. A snowman can be made from cotton wool, from stitched balls, from balls, from balloons and much more. Do you want to know how to make a snowman out of a sock? You will need an old white sock, cotton wool or other filler (padding polyester, pieces of cloth). Colored buttons, pieces of bright fabric. Stuff the sock with a filler to the heel and sew the elastic around the inside of your toy. You have such a “sausage” of a sock.

Now cut two ribbons of 20 cm long from bright fabric. Now, one third of the entire length of the toe is pulled back and tied with a ribbon, we make a beautiful bow. Then just tie up again at the level of the torso. It remains only to sew the buttons-eyes, embroider a smiling mouth with red floss, put a cap made of red fabric on the head. Sew an eyelet to your head, now you can hang a snowman on the Christmas tree.

Snowman - a soft toy

To understand how to make a snowman from modules, you need to prepare three parts of a snowman separately. Cut three circles of white fabric of 10, 8, and 5 cm in size. Pass along the edge of the “forward with a needle” seam each circle. Put a piece of filler inside and pull the thread. Get three balls of cloth. These are our modules. Now sew them together. Further - we decorate, as well as a snowman from a sock. You can sew him small mittens from the flannel, attach a beautiful scarf. If there is a toothpick and a piece of cardboard, then you can make him a small shovel.

Snowman of balloons

If you are interested in how to make a big snowman, then try to make it from balloons. Inflate three white balls of various sizes.To secure the three balls in a snowman, use double-sided tape. On such a snowman you can wear a bucket glued from cardboard. If you have a pair of snowmen, and you made a snow woman too, then put a bright kerchief on her head.

Such a snowman can be attached to any surface using the same tape or for the “tail” of the ball. If you blew balloons with helium, then you can simply hang them under the ceiling. It will greatly decorate your holiday room.

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