How to make a table for the saw

You will need
  • - wooden boards and bars;
  • - multilayer plywood;
  • - tool for working with wood;
  • - fasteners.
Prepare the materials needed to maketablea. You will need wooden blocks, pine board, a sheet of plywood. Fasten together the structural elements should be bolted with nuts and screws on wood. From the tool can not do without a hacksaw, chisel, hammer, electric drill and screwdriver.
Make a base fortablea, which will serve as the supporting element of the whole structure. Convenient and easiest to make the support parttableand in the form of a pair of wooden goats. Measure the wooden blocks for the legs so as to provide a comfortable height.tablea. The optimal height of the whole structure is 72-76 cm. If you maketablea little higher, no problem; when working on the installation, it will be possible to subsequently use wooden flooring, thereby adjusting the heighttableand under the growth of the employee.
Fasten the base elements together with bolts and nuts and washers. On the top of the goats, install wooden cross-pieces, aligning them to the building level. It is advisable to make the structure collapsible, so that if necessary you can dismantle the saw and removetableto the storage location.
Make plywood from multi-layer plywoodtablea. At the same time, choose plywood with a thickness of up to 20 mm, without bends and wood defects. The approximate size of the plate is 650x900 mm. Attach six bars of 60x40 mm section to the bottom surface of the slab. Let two bars alongtablea, and four - across. Bars attach totableScrew screws.
In the centertableik provide disk slotsaws. The optimum width of the slit, taking into account the sliding protective cover is 20 mm. The length of the gap must exceed the diameter of the largest disksawsapproximately 25-30 mm. From the bottom of the slab, install and secure the electric saw with clamps. Use screws with countersunk head for fastening. When adjusting, make sure that the disc rotates parallel to the slot.
Equiptablecollection for sawdust.Make a collection box of iron and place it under a disc with a slight inclination. Installtablein the workshop so that the device was blown by the air flow.

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