How to make a temporary tattoo?

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How to make a temporary tattoo?

A temporary tattoo looks just like a real one, but this is not its main advantage. It is especially good because it can be easily and painlessly removed from the skin at almost any moment. There are many salons where an experienced master can make a temporary tattoo in just a couple of hours. However, to visit such a salon is not necessary, as a temporary tattoo can be done independently at home.

How to make a temporary tattoo at home

Make a temporary pattern on the skin at home in several ways. Depending on the type of dye used and on the method of its application, there are several types of temporary tattoos.

Types of temporary tattoos

Henna tattoo


Drawing on the skin is created using paint made from finely chopped dry henna leaves. The natural color of the paint is reddish brown, with some additives it can be made darker. Henna tattoo is completely harmless.It will last on the skin for two, maximum three weeks.


To create a temporary tattoo in this case, apply artificial liquidAirbrush�paints specifically designed for body painting. The same paints are used by artists working in the body - art technique. Stencilled paint is applied to the body using a special spray gun - airbrush. The advantages of this method include the speed and simplicity of drawing a pattern, as well as a wide color palette of colors. But, since these paints are in their essence ordinary cosmetics, the drawing made by them will last for a week.

Glitter tattoo


Drawing on the skin is done with a thin brush. The paint is a special, skin-safe, quick-drying glue of different colors. Holds such a tattoo for about ten days.

Transfer image

This method is certainly not quite serious, and is more suitable for children and teenagers. In order to make a temporary tattoo in this way, no paint is needed. It is enough to attach a decal bought at the store to the skin, moisten its reverse side and in a few minutes remove the paper base.On the skin will remain the picture. It must be said that it will be of low quality, and only a few days will remain.

How to make a temporary henna tattoo.

  1. Select the place where you will be drawing. In this area, use the depilator to remove all hairs, clean the skin with a scrub and wipe it with an alcohol tonic.
  2. HennaFind a picture that you like. When choosing a picture, keep in mind that it should be of the same color. For the first time do not take too complicated pattern. Look for some runic symbol, hieroglyph or something similar.
  3. You can apply the drawing in two ways - drawing it yourself or using a stencil. If you are not sure of your artistic abilities, it is better to use a stencil - a thin plastic sheet with a pattern carved in it.
  4. Prepare the coloring paste. To do this you will need the following ingredients: �
    • natural ground coffee - 2 tbsp. spoons;
    • long leaf black tea - 2 tbsp. spoons;
    • Henna for body staining - 40 gr. This henna should have the appearance of a fine powder of a greenish - marsh color. You can buy it in a specialized store;
    • lemon juice - 2 tsp;
    • Basma - 1 tsp;
    • sugar - 1 tsp;
    • water - half a liter.
  5. Pour water into the pot, let it boil and pour tea and coffee into it. Simmer them for about an hour. Strain the broth.
  6. Pour the henna, basma and sugar in a glass bowl, gradually pour hot broth into it. Stir and rub the mass all the time so that no lumps form in it.
  7. Add lemon juice to the mixture and mix it well again.
  8. Leave the paste on the table for three hours to infuse and cool.
  9. With a pencil for makeup, apply the contours of your future tattoo on your skin. If you are not able to draw, put a film on the picture, circle it on the film with a felt-tip pen and immediately attach the film with the painted side to the skin - the picture will be printed on it. In that case, if you use a stencil, you only need to fix the adhesive tape in the right place.
  10. Apply the paste to the skin with a brush, a stick or a wooden toothpick.
  11. When the drawing will be made, wait an hour - one and a half. During this time, the henna dries and the paint is absorbed into the skin. Then scrape the dried paste off the skin (never rinse it off!) And smear the picture with vegetable oil.

How to make a glitter tattoo

  1. Buy a thin brush, glitter glue, a fixer and a shiny or luminescent powder in a specialty store.
  2. Defat skin.Gliter
  3. Apply a fine brush on it.
  4. After applying the adhesive pattern, sprinkle it with a fixative and a fine, shiny powder that will stick to the adhesive composition.
  5. As a result, you will have a temporary tattoo flickering in the rays of light that will last on the skin for about ten days.

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