How to make an animal?

Being constantly serious is bored by many, and sometimes there are times when you just want to fool around and have some fun outside the box. If you suddenly wanted something like that, rather call your friend's house with a camera, and while he gets to you, think up some unforgettable and unusual images that your friend will capture. For example, using ordinary materials and objects you can turn yourself into different animals. We offer several options for how to make yourself an animal.

From man to animal: simple metamorphosis


Roll up your blanket with a spiral, slightly flatten the base of this spiral and sharpen the upper part - it will be a snail shell. Now lie flat in the bed, cover yourself with a full sheet, put a homemade sink on your stomach. Only hands should be visible. Raise them up and clench your fists - these are the antennae of a snail.

We describe other ways to make an animal. Let us consider several interesting reincarnation options presented.


Take a solid sweater or pantyhose. In the case of a sweater, leave one sleeve free, the other sleeve and the rest of the sweater will need to be carefully secured around the head. In tights, respectively, half will need to be wrapped around the head, the second half will form the neck of an ostrich. Find a suitable stick or roll a thick cardboard roll, fasten the stick or roll tightly to the back of the head. Put on half of tights or sleeve of the selected sweater over the ostrich's improvised "neck". To form the head of an ostrich, put on top of some shoes, boots, sneakers. Bend so that the ostrich is straight, put a pillow on your back in a pillow in the neck, bend your knees slightly - and voila! - you are a real ostrich!


It is very easy to make a frog of yourself. Put on a shirt with a hood and over a light sweater. You also need to find flippers for swimming. All you need is to put flippers on your legs, bend your knees slightly, pull the hood over your head, bend your head and hide it a little in a sweater. Do not forget to bend and hang your arms in front.


For squirrels have to prepare a voluminous and believable tail.Take a dark monophonic duvet cover, fold it in half and generously fill with something soft, so that the "tail" becomes large and voluminous. The top of the tail should be slightly bent back. You will also need large gloves for your hands - using them on the floor to build "legs" squirrels. You can even fill the legs with something to make them look bigger.

But the hardest thing to make a similar face. Take dark-colored tights, put them on your head; parts for the legs, while tucking inward, leaving quite a bit - they need something to fill. These will be "ears" squirrels. You need to place the ears in the middle of the head. Since the pantyhose will completely cover your face, for the sake of plausibility, fill something with a place where the nose of the squirrel should be located. Now, when the head is ready, kneel down, put the gloves on the floor right in front of your knees (you can even step on them with your knees), attach the tail in the back. Hands can be positioned as shown in the photo (link see above), or you can separate them to the sides, bend at the elbows and slightly spread your fingers downwards, you get the upper legs of the squirrel.


If you made yourself a squirrel, then after it you can easily turn into a kangaroo. Stand up straight, do not change anything on your head, straighten the Belkin tail, fasten it to your waist from behind - let it hang on the floor. Gloves pull on the legs. You only need to bend your knees a little, and your friend - to catch a good shot.

Take a closer look at the photos on the link that we presented to you - there are some more interesting ideas. They are very simple in execution, everything you need can be found at home. You can also connect your imagination and make yourself an animal that does not exist in nature at all - then you’ll definitely get an exclusive!

Have fun on your health, sometimes allow yourself some insanity - then there will be something to remember with your friends and tell your descendants about your young years.

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