How to make an electroscope

You will need
  • - transparent glass vessel with rubber stopper;
  • - thin aluminum foil;
  • - nail 10-15 cm long;
  • - nitrocellulose glue;
  • - drill;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - plastic comb.
Take the rubber stopper. Make a hole in it so that the nail or screw fits tightly into the cork and does not hang out.
Cut a strip of foil 6 cm long and 1 cm wide. Fold the strip in half. On the fold line in the middle, pierce the hole and put the strip on the nail just above the cap or on the screw to its head. Fix the strip on the nail with a small drop of glue at one point so that the glue does not flow into the gap between the nail and the foil. Be sure to ensure clear contact between the foil and the nail. In the case of a screw, you can fasten the foil with a nut.
Bend the ends of the strips down so that they are parallel to each other. Insert a nail or screw into the cork so that its end protrudes from the other side of the cork for at least 3-5 cm. At the same time, the foil should not touch the bottom of the vessel if you insert a cork into it.
Using a hair dryer, thoroughly dry the vessel and insert the cork in it so that the foil petals are inside and hang down.Electroscope�is ready.
Check the operation of the device. Take a plastic comb and run it a couple of times on clean, dry hair. Now touch the comb of the metal rod of the electroscope. Petals should acquire the same charge and push off from each other, standing at an angle to each other or even horizontally. Touch the rod with your finger. The charge must drain, and the petals of the electroscope will take its original position.

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