How to make an injection to a child

You will need
  • - medicine;
  • - disposable syringe;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - Medical alcohol;
  • - medical razor or nail file.
Wash your hands with soap and water. With a tampon dipped in alcohol, wipe the neck of the ampoule, then cut the glass in the place where the ampoule narrows with a file or razor. Wrap the vial with a swab and break the glass.
Prepare a disposable syringe, take the medicine into it, shake the syringe so that all air bubbles are gone into the needle. To make sure that only liquid is in the container, push the plunger so that a drop of medicine appears at the tip of the needle.
Cap the needle so that your hands do not touch the needle. Put the syringe aside.
Put the baby back up. Make a small ass massage, so the medicine will be better absorbed, and no bruises will appear.
Mentally divide the buttock into four parts. The injection should be made in the upper outer quadrant. So you will not touch a nerve, or a blood vessel, or a bone.Wipe twice the skin of the baby with swabs dipped in alcohol.
Take the syringe. The thumb should be on the piston, with the index and middle fingers fix the syringe body.
Use your left hand to stretch the skin a little, and make an injection with your right. The syringe should be perpendicular to the body of the child.

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