How to make an original pencil

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Dear friends, this is one of the fastest and easiest lessons! You might want to make some pencils for your friends or loved ones!

What we need today:

  • Wooden beam;
  • Drill;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Graphite;
  • Super glue;
  • Circular saw.

How to make this delectable pencil:

  • Using a circular saw, we cut out equal pieces of wood from a wooden bar, and then grind the sharp corners with an emery paper.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the future pencil; in this hole we place graphite.
  • Drip super glue onto the end of the graphite rod and insert it into the hole. Give the glue a couple of minutes to dry, and then shorten the rod.
  • Using a grinder, we process a wooden bar.
  • Now you can draw or use it as a decor. Also it can serve as an excellent gift for a birthday or a New Year.

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