How to make Christmas toys with your own hands

The New Year period is the best time of the year for creativity and needlework. After all, it is the aura of magic that influences the boundless imagination in the best way possible. No suitable materials? Do not rush to go shopping in a store or a store of goods hand made. Perhaps something interesting can be found in the boxes and chests. We offer to get acquainted with interesting workshops on making toys on the tree with their own hands.


Christmas deer toy on a tree of ice cream sticks

The first toy in the form of a cute deer made of wooden ice cream sticks. An entertaining process and an amazing result is guaranteed!


igrushki-na-yolku (1)


Required materials and tools:

  1. wooden ice cream sticks
  2. office knife;
  3. glue;
  4. paint and brush;
  5. decorative items.



igrushki-na-yolku (2)


At the initial stage it is necessary to prepare a paper stencil. You can do this in two ways: print from the Internet or draw it yourself. In any case, the image must be cut with scissors.

Christmas toys for the Christmas tree


We lay out wooden sticks close to each other and transfer the outline of the deer using the blank. As a tool is quite suitable pencil. His stylus is good to lie on a wooden surface.


igrushki-na-yolku (4)


Next, using a clerical knife, you should work out each stick. It is better to do this as carefully as possible, since the tree can exfoliate. After the end of the labor-intensive process, all the elements must be glued together. The result should be the basis for a Christmas tree toy.

igrushki-na-yolku (5)


We start the entertaining stage of decor with painting a faceless deer. Colors can be very different: from traditional red to bright yellow. However, you should not combine more than two types. Otherwise, the decorative elements may be lost on such a background.


igrushki-na-yolku (6)


At the final stage, we fasten the loop and decorate the base of the toy. Ribbons, buttons, beads - not a complete list of items that can be zadekorirovat toy.

igrushki-na-yolku (1)


A cute Christmas deer made with your own hands will certainly surprise friends and relatives with its originality. Using the described principle, you can collect a whole hand made collection of toys in the form of fir-trees, shoes or hearts.

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