How to make cosmetic repairs in 2018

You will need
  • Wallpaper, ceiling paint, plaster, wallpaper glue, tools
Removed old wallpaper
Old wallpaper after pre-soaking, as a rule, is relatively easy to remove. Those places where they have not moved away from the surface of the wall are soaked and treated with a spatula until they are completely removed.
Remove old wallpaper
Removed whitewashing or painting the ceiling.
If the ceiling in the room was whitewashed, then it is pre-moistened. Then the old whitewash with plaster removed with a wide trowel.
Paint from the surface of the ceiling, as a rule, is easily removed without prior treatment with a spatula.
White or painted ceiling.
Plaster it before whitewashing or painting the ceiling. The best option is considered a full plaster, when a new layer of it is applied to the entire surface. With this method, a smooth and even surface is obtained.
Whitewashing is done with the help of an airbrush. If the ceiling is painted, then pre-applied a layer of diluted paint primer. It also uses a spray gun.
White or painted ceiling.
Glued wallpaper
A roll of wallpaper is marked and cut into strips of the required length. Then the inside of the strip is smeared with glue and applied to the top point. After that, it is gradually applied along the entire length and smoothed from the middle to the edges. This is done in order to remove air bubbles from under the surface of the wallpaper sheet. Pasting of wall-paper is made consistently on perimeter of the room.
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After pasting wallpaper in the room should not be drafts
Helpful advice
Removing old wallpaper, do not rush, do it smoothly. This will allow you to remove them with a whole cloth.
If bubbles have formed under the surface of the glued wallpaper, take a very sharp knife, make a small incision and release the air.

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