How to cook homemade chacha?

Ahead of a lot of feasts, so it is worth to learn more about alcoholic beverages and the culture of their use, it will not hit the dirt in the face and keep the sobriety of the mind. And what is chacha, how to drink it properly? And is it possible to make such a drink at home?

What is chacha?

Chacha is a strong spirit, considered to be traditional in Georgia and the North Caucasus. And although it is popular in many Caucasian countries, it was in Georgia, a few years ago, issued a patent for its production. Chacha belongs to the class of grape brandy and is obtained by fermentation and distillation of the so-called pulp - the solid fraction remaining after pressing the grapes.

For the manufacture of chacha, squeezes left after production, as well as “rejected” or immature grapes of varieties such as Kacic, Isabella, Rkatsiteli, are usually used. After fermentation, one or two distillations are carried out, resulting in the formation of a so-called grape alcohol, the strength of which reaches 70-90 degrees.It is diluted with water, and the result is a drink with a pleasant aroma of grapes, which has a strength of about 50-60 degrees.

How to cook?

How to make chacha at home? It is possible to do this, and several methods are suggested below.

Option One

Try to make chacha from grapes, or rather, from his husks. To do this you will need:

  • 10 kilograms of grape pulp (i.e., the cake remaining after pressing);
  • 30 liters of clean water;
  • 4-7 kilograms of sugar (the amount depends on the sweetness of the grapes, so that it can be changed).


  1. Mix the cake with sugar and water (its temperature should be about 25 degrees), place the mixture in a large container and cover with a film or plastic bag.
  2. Next, the bank should be removed in a warm place. But every day open it and carefully mix all the contents to avoid mold.
  3. The duration of the fermentation period depends on the raw materials used and can reach several weeks. But when the mash is ready (you can determine this by stopping the gas formation and the appearance of a bitter taste), you can remove the pulp and strain the mash well.
  4. Next, distill the liquid in the moonshine.True experts say that it is advisable to carry out the procedure twice to eliminate the unpleasant smell and give a slight grape aroma, but one distillation is enough (but the quality may be somewhat worse).
  5. Next, chacha should be bottled and left in a place where the temperature is about 20 degrees, so that it is well infused. It will take about a month.

Tip: to speed up the process of fermentation, you can add yeast to the main raw materials, but you should use specialized - dry wineries, as ordinary bakeries, although they will cope with the task, but can affect the taste of the finished drink. Ten kilograms of pulp takes about 5 or 10 grams of such yeast.

Option Two

Try to make chacha from apricots. For this you will need:

  • 10 kilograms of apricots;
  • about 10-15 liters of water;
  • about five kilograms of sugar (add it optional, if the apricots are sweet enough);
  • 15-20 grams of dry or 100 grams of pressed yeast (alcohol or wine, but you can use the usual, that is, baking).


  1. Do not wash apricots, especially if you do not use yeast. On the skin of the fruits there are microorganisms, they will start the process of fermentation. But the bones are best removed, because they can give the beverage bitterness.
  2. Next, the apricots should be crushed in any way, for example, to wrinkle with hands, to put it on with a stupa or to place in a blender.
  3. Ready flesh move to a large container, add water and sugar there, and also yeast if desired (you can not add them, but in this case, the fermentation can take a long time).
  4. On the neck of the tank, install a water seal, for example, put a rubber medical glove on it and in one of the fingers make a small hole.
  5. Remove the container in a fairly dark place (the temperature in it should be normal, room). The first signs of the onset of fermentation (that is, the bubbles) may appear in a day or two. But the whole process will take about thirty to forty days.
  6. When the gas stops being released, and the glove deflates, proceed to distillation.
  7. Place the brew in the moonshine distillery, carry out the distillation until the fortress drops to 30%.Dilute this liquid with water so that the fortress drops to about twenty percent. Re-distill. Distillate select to increase the fortress to 40-45%.

How to use?

How to drink Chachu? There is no specific ritual, and in different countries it is used in different ways. But more often it cools down to about 10 degrees (it is advisable to drink quality tea not cold, but room temperature, so that it reveals its taste and aroma). Pour the drink preferably in vodka glasses, and one serving should not exceed 50 ml.

As for snacks, the Georgian chacha in the west of this country usually snacks on sweet dishes, which complements its grape flavor and dilutes the fortress. But in the eastern part of Georgia they are used to serving pickles with this drink. In Abkhazia, it can be presented as an aperitif or can be the main drink of a feast, especially in winter. That is, you can eat it with any dishes served by the hosts.

As for whether it is worth drinking chacha, then in her homeland it is believed that this is not worth doing, it is better to use a snack.But the drink can be diluted with ice or fruit, which will somewhat reduce its strength.


Some useful recommendations:

  • Isabella grapes are best for making chacha. Others can also be used, but then the drink will not be so fragrant.
  • To make chacha less strong, you can dilute it with water.
  • If you do not have a moonshine, it is possible to carry out distillation without it, but this may affect the quality and taste of chacha. So, take a large pot, pour the mash into it (that is, what happened after the end of the fermentation process). Place a stand on the bottom (for example, under the kettle) and place a pan of smaller diameter on it. Next, cover the large pot with a film, and put a wide container with cold water on top (this is a kind of cooler). Place the whole structure on a slow fire and languish, changing the water in the cooler every ten minutes. When the whole mash boils away, the moonshine will remain in the small saucepan, that is, home chacha.
  • The recipe can be changed. So, try instead of grapes or apricots to use apples or even tangerines. Naturally, the taste will be different.You can also change the amount of water, it will affect the saturation. And sugar usually adds sweetness and speeds up fermentation.

Try to cook your home chachu to surprise guests and relatives!

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