How to make modules for origami

Modular origami is a very fascinating activity that gives a lot of creativity to everyone who has mastered the simple technique of making paper modules.

Before making origami modules, you need to prepare thick paper and tool for cutting.

 How to make modules for origami

How to make modules for origami

You can use special paper sheets designed for making origami but with Their cost is usually high enough, so at least during the training phase it is better to use plain paper for a high-density printer - from 80 g / m3and above (for example, Spectra Color).

Before you make the modules, you will need to cut multiple identical rectangles out of paper. Ordinary scissors can be used as a cutting tool. But a large number of blanks to cut them tedious, so it is more convenient to use an office cutter with a self-leveling mat.

We take a sheet of A4. Depending on the size of the modules, the paper sheet will need to be divided into 16 or 32 fragments.If we need 16 parts, fold the sheet horizontally two times, if 32 - three times. In the picture below, we folded the blank three times, if you need 16 blanks, do not make the last bend.

 Adding a sheet for origami 1

Adding a sheet for origami 1

Now expand the sheet and fold it in half vertically (the fold should remain on the left side). Then we double it horizontally 2 times. We unfold the sheet. On it we will see the lines of the folds, according to which we have to cut out blanks for modules.

 Adding a sheet for origami 2

Adding a sheet for origami 2

The sheet to be divided into 16 parts looks like this.

 The sheet is divided into 16 parts

The sheet is divided into 16 parts

And this is how the sheet looks like, which will be divided into 32 parts.

The sheet is divided into 32 parts

The sheet is divided into 32 parts

We cut the sheet along the fold lines. From each small rectangle we have to make an origami module, the assembly scheme of which is presented below.Beginners should start assembling modules from 1/16 of a sheet of paper. The 1/32 modules turn out to be more miniature and graceful, but the process of assembling them requires a certain dexterity.

The module assembly scheme:

 Origami module assembling scheme

Scheme of assembly of the origami module

1- take a small rectangle;

2- fold it horizontally in half;

3- now fold doubled vertically;

4- unwrap;

5- bend the “wings” on both sides;

6- overturn (bent tips are longer);

7- bend the corners;

8- turn up the protruding part together with the corners;

9- bend the module, it takes the form of a triangle.

10-expand the triangle and get ready a module with pockets that resembles an airplane.

11, 12 — securing the modules to each other with the help of pockets.

We assemble chains of ready-made modules of 10 pieces each. If there are more, then the chain will not be strong - it will affect the quality of the crafts.

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