How to make money without fees

Make a list of your skills and knowledge that can be useful for profit. In this case, it is desirable to be quite frank with himself. The fact is that most types of earnings involve work for yourself, so it’s best to list your shortcomings in parallel. After that, determine the presence of your equipment and connections in certain circles. It is also desirable to make a list of friends who could help you in the implementation of ideas.
Take care of providing certain services. For example, you get along well with children. Agree with friends who have a small child that you will look after him for a fee when they leave or go somewhere. If they like you, they can advise you to another family.
Thus, you will dial a certain circle of clients. With increasing popularity and experience, you can gradually increase service fees.By the same analogy, you can getmoneyfor cleaning the premises, repair work, etc.
Create your own site for earnings. If you do not understand this area, then find a friend who could help you. You can also order the creation of a website of a special company, but this will require certain monetary costs. In the case of a friend, you can negotiate payment after you receive a profit from the site. Earnings in this case can be obtained from the sale of traffic or links, placing banners and contextual advertising, as well as from participation in affiliate programs.
Become a freelancer. If you know how to work in the program 3dMax, Photoshop and others, have the skills to create websites or write articles well, then you can earn good knowledge from your knowledgemoney. Enter in the search engine the word "freelance", and your attention will be given many sites on which job ads are posted. Fulfill orders and get paid.

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