How to make new stylish things from old clothes: 35 ideas with photos

It is very easy to look stylish and modern when you have a gold credit card, which someone constantly replenishes, and you only dress in brand and fashion stores. But if you have an average salary and a wardrobe littered with clothing that has long been out of fashion (but still in excellent condition), then it is very difficult to become a “cover girl”. Is not it?

In fact, there is a secret that can even turn my papa t-shirt into a stylish top from the latest Alexander Wong collection. And for this you just need a little imagination, scissors, a needle and old things.

We offer 35 ideas on how to turn unfashionable, old, boring things into stylish novelties, like girls from fashion blogs.

1. Denim skirt number 1

We will need:

  • long jeans skirt with buttons or buttons. It can easily be purchased at second-hand stores
  • piece of cardboard
  • chalk or soap
  • scissors

First of all, we decide how long our skirt will be. Depending on this, on the wrong side we draw a horizontal line.

Cut a cardboard template with a rounded side. The width of the template depends on the width of the bottom of the skirt (we have 10 cm). On the underside of the product, applying a pattern to the line, draw the semicircles along the entire length of the skirt. Cut the fabric with sharp scissors, following the intended pattern.

If desired, we can rub the rounded edges with pumice stone to make a fringe, or leave it as it is.

Voila! Stylish miniskirt ready.

2. Denim skirt number 2

We will need:

  • bottom that remained from the jeans skirt on the buttons
  • scissors
  • sewing machine or needle and thread

This is a more complicated option. We measure how long we want to make a skirt, and cut off the excess top. We measure, our waist, hips and cut off excess fabric along the side seam line, and then gently stitch or sew.

We outline the grooves and sew them with a regular needle and thread. Then make a small lapel at the waist and staple it or sew it by hand. We fasten the skirt in front in such a way that a large incision remains from below.

The second minimalist skirt is also ready!

3. Skirt of wrap

We will need:

  • a large stole (scarf) of a rectangular shape, preferably of light fabric, which is not frayed.
  • thin lace
  • cardboard
  • sewing pins
  • scissors
  • needles with thread

First of all, measure the waist circumference. Now a little math, but not too complicated)))

We add to this number its half. This additional length will give us the opportunity to gather the skirt at the waist, it is easy to remove it and tighten it back. Then, divide the figure by 3.14. This will be the diameter of our circle, which we draw on paper. We draw on it two lines crosswise, which pass through the center, to make 4 sectors of the same size.

Here is the formula for a perfect 60 cm waist.
60 + 30 (waist plus half of this size)
90: 3.14 = 28.5 (diameter of the circle)

Cut a circle out of cardboard. Then, fold the fabric in half twice. We apply one sector of the circle to the inner corner of the fabric, circle it and cut it out. Bend the edge of the skirt (at the waist) for 2 centimeters and harden with pins along the entire length. Cut through the bend of the hole at a short distance from each other (5 cm). We pass through all the laces. At the end, we tie knots so that the lace does not accidentally slip out.

And we have a brand new skirt!

4. Miniskirt from stole or scarf

We will need:

  • long tippet or scarf

Wrap the scarf around the hips once. Then, twist it in front twice and continue to wind around it. The end is hidden inside.

5. Black dress with a sexy neckline

We will need:

  • old dress with high neckline
  • leather cord
  • scissors
  • needles, thread and pins
  • sewing machine

We draw in front of the line, right in the center of our dress, to get a V-shaped neckline. Draw a line from the cut straight to the seam of the detachable waist. The cut can be made both low and high, depending on their modesty. Our version is definitely not for work.

Cut with scissors along the line. Bend the fabric to make the cut, and harden with pins. We decide where we want to start our lacing, and from this point we divide the entire length of the cut into five parts. Mark the point with chalk.

Cut the leather cord into 10 small pieces. We fold them in half, in the form of a loop, and attach them with pins along the cutout on both sides in the places we marked with chalk. Sew the edges of the neckline to secure the fabric and attach the loop.This can be done manually or on a sewing machine.
After all the loops are securely sewn, take a long cord and begin to weave it from bottom to top. We finish the lacing with a small elegant batik.

Sexy evening dress ready!

6. Short dress from T-shirt

We will need:

  • big t-shirt
  • scissors
  • elastic
  • needle and thread

Place the T-shirt on a flat surface, cut off the sleeves, and then cut in a straight line just below the neckline.

From the sleeves, we cut out two rectangles of the same size. This will be the top of the dress. We measure the volume of the breast and the length of the rectangles, if necessary cut off excess.

We connect the top details with the bottom, and then sew the dress on the sides.

We sew the elastic under the breast, at the junction of the parts.

And summer short dress is ready!

7. Stylish dress with side slits.

We will need:

  • big t-shirt
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

First of all, we cut off the sleeves from the T-shirt, and then cut it horizontally just below the chest. Take into account, so as not to look like a bra.

Then, on the top of the dress in front make a small hole. On the lower part of the paying (around the waist) cases a small incision.We push the ends into the hole and sew or simply tie.

Voila! Dress with cuts, very fashionable in this spring-summer season, ready!

8. Beach dress T-shirt for 30 seconds

We will need:

  • big long t-shirt

Put on a T-shirt through the throat. We put the left sleeve on the right side of the chest, and the right sleeve - on the left side. It turns out a lovely beach dress with bare shoulders.

9. Beach dress from an old skirt

We will need:

  • old skirt and shirt
  • scissors
  • needles and thread
  • strap

Fold the skirt on a flat surface and cut off the gum on the belt.

We apply a T-shirt to the skirt and cut out along the contour of the armhole and neckline.

Sew stitches with needles and thread. It is possible to use a sewing machine for reliability. We tie the belt and the dress is ready!

10. Stylish cocktail dress with cut on the belly

We will need:

  • old dress
  • cardboard
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

First we cut off the sleeves and shorten the length of the dress. Armholes and hem fold down by 1-2 centimeters, smooth down with an iron and stitch, or sew manually with hidden stitches.

Cut a small triangle out of cardboard and draw around the contour in the front center of the dress.Cut the bottom of the triangle, then make a perpendicular cut up. Fold the fabric and stitch all sides of the triangle with small stitches.

Most of the work falls on the sleeves. Above them you need to work hard. And then, a chic and fashionable cocktail dress is ready!

11. Dress with fringe

We will need:

  • Short dress
  • scissors
  • floss threads of different colors (on average, five flowers that match the color of the dress)
  • bright thin belt

Choose a dress so that the fabric does not crumble. Desirable single color. We make small holes along the entire length of the hem and sleeves, at a distance of 5-10 centimeters from each other.

Then, we cut the floss threads in small bunches, of equal length, so that they easily pass through the holes in the dress. We stretch the thread into holes, alternating colors. Each bundle is carefully tied with a thin thread so that it does not disintegrate.

We tie a dress with a bright belt and a cheerful summer look is ready!

12. Skirt and top

We will need:

  • long maxi dress
  • elastic
  • scissors
  • Needles and threads
  • pins

First we turn the dress up so that the front part becomes the back. Then we carefully cut out the unnecessary elements of the decor with the help of nail scissors (a pocket and a band with buttons). Cut the dress in two parts along the seam at the waist.

We note how long we want to make the top and stitch its edge manually or with the help of a sewing machine.

We take the gum, preferably wide, and turn the top of the skirt, according to its width. Then we sew a belt so that you can populate the inside of the gum.
Attaching an eraser to a pencil, needle or wand, stretch it through the loop until it comes out through the other side. After that, sew the ends of the elastic and carefully sew up a hole in the belt.

Voila, the flight suit is ready!

13. White top Balenciaga

We will need:

  • white elongated shirt on wide straps. Choose from dense fabric so that it does not crumble, and the edges do not curl
  • scissors
  • needles and thread

The first step is to cut the back of the shirt in such a way that it is several centimeters below the fastener of our bra. Cut, slightly retreating from the line of the side seams.

Then turn the jersey face up and mark the middle. Cut in a straight vertical line from the cut to the bottom.

We put on the top. We wrap the long ends around the waist and fasten them on the back. The upper edges of the neckline can be bent under the bra or hem.

It turned out exactly the same top as from the latest collection Balenciaga.

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