How to make the eyelashes longer?

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How to make the eyelashes longer?

As everyone knows, the eyes are the window to the soul. That is why girls pay great attention to eye makeup. Eyeliners, pencils, shadows and mascara - all this is in the arsenal of a modern girl. But be that as it may, nothing beautify the eyes like mascara. That she will make eyes expressive. All this is because the state depends on the condition and the length of the eyelashes, and this helps in general to make the face more feminine and more refined.

There are several options for how to make the eyelashes longer, we will consider them in this article.

Long eyelashes at home

Even at home, you can carry out procedures that can best affect the growth and beauty of eyelashes.

  • Grow long eyelashes will help you compresses of tea. Black tea perfectly tones, green tea has a calming effect, but both stimulate the growth of eyelashes, providing a positive effect on the eyelids.
  • You can always buy in the store false eyelashes for self-sticking.Of course, they will not last long, but it will be enough for the evening.
  • Mascara. Make long eyelashes with mascara easy. The main thing is not to get lost in the variety and choose a mascara not only with a good description, but also with a good action. Keep in mind that most types of carcasses that are advertised as lengthening are likely to leave you without the proper amount. The volume mascara will make the eyes more expressive and visually not only add volume to the eyelashes, but also lengthen them. It is desirable that the mascara contains vitamin E and oils - your eyelashes will thank you for this choice.
  • Castor oil will also help you to make the eyelashes longer. It is absorbed into the bulbs, saturating them with nutrients and vitamins. With regular use, you will notice that the quality of your eyelashes will improve, they will become thicker, longer and stronger. If you do not know how to apply oil (it is heavy enough for the eyelids) on your eyelashes, take a tube of old mascara, rinse it, dry it and pour castor oil. Optionally, you can drop vitamin E.

Salon treatments

To date, beauty salons and health centers are ready to offer several procedures aimed at the growth of eyelashes, as well as their thickness and length. Of course, it costs mostly a lot of money.But most often it is these amounts that have to be spread for a long, and, moreover, cumulative effect. A short temporary effect will not be worth a fortune.

  • False professional eyelashes. Their difference from the mass-market home is that they cause less damage to the skin of the eyelids and mucous membranes, and also look more realistic and last longer.
  • Perm eyelashes. It so happens that you have long eyelashes, but absolutely not voluminous. In this case, this procedure will help. Like all chemical effects on the hair, it will not go unnoticed, but you can always treat eyelashes in the same salon.
  • Coloring. It also happens that the long and lush eyelashes please their owner only when they are made up. Not everyone enjoys the process of applying mascara, so staining is a wonderful way to emphasize the beauty of eyelashes.
  • Building up Perhaps the most popular procedure for modern girls.

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