How to make up long eyelashes?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
January 28, 2013
How to make up long eyelashes?

Before you start eye makeup, you should choose a suitable mascara. If you have sensitive eyes, it is better to get hypoallergenic, which does not contain wax. It will not last long, but then you will not have reddened eyes, a sharp burning sensation and tearing. Owners of long eyelashes is quite suitable bulk mascara or mascara with a twist effect. Pay attention to the brush - it should be curved, which allows you to curl the eyelashes without using forceps.

We paint long eyelashes

Before makeup long eyelashes should be slightly powdered, so they will visually look even longer. In the process of dyeing there is no need to immediately apply a thick layer of ink. Because it will create the ugly effect of "spider legs" with clumps of dried carcass. It is better to apply a thin layer of mascara and allow it to dry, and then paint them again. You should try to paint over eyelashes throughout the eyelid, as carefully as possible by holding a brush in the corners of the eyes.After the mascara has dried, the eyelashes should be combed to separate adherent eyelashes and remove lumps.

As for the curling of eyelashes, here everyone chooses for himself to do it before or after applying mascara. But sometimes after using tweezers, the mascara falls, and you have to tint your eyelashes.

If you notice that after curling the mascara has crumbled or you need to update your makeup during the day, you can use the secret of make-up artists. You should bring the brush to your eyelashes and blink several times. So you know how to make up long eyelashes, and be able to seduce with one look.

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